7 Ways to Get Over Someone Who Doesn’t Love You

It is never easy to stop loving and get over the person you spend so much time with. But love is only worthy when it is returned. When there no loving back it is useless to stay in that relationship. So, you should get over someone who does not love you back.  Because loving them will only hurt you. To make it a little easy for you here are some ways.

7. Realize you are normal


Still loving the person who does not love you is absolutely normal. Do not think as if something is wrong with you that is why you can’t forget them. Forgetting is not easy and time after breakup is quite painful. So, realize that you are normal and do not push yourself to a stage where you hurt yourself.

6. Time will make everything better


Do not rush or force yourself to forget everything and to move on. Give yourself some time to understand what happened was for good. And you know that everything will get better. Time heals everything so, it is okay to take as much time as you want. Share your feeling with your close friend just to release some of your burden.

5. Don’t deny the facts


Do not run from the facts. The sooner you will accept the faster you will move on. Accept it that the other person doesn’t love you and respect their choice. No one can control others feeling so do not for force that person to love you. Just back off and if it is meant to be yours then it will be yours sooner or later. Till then be patient.

4. Move away from that person


Sometimes you start loving a person with whom you spend your most of the time. This could be your best friend, office mate or any one else but they do not feel same as you. So, take a break from them for a little while. Change your routine, call them less or find another friend to share your problems. This will help you to settle your mind and to think what is right for you.

3. Express your feelings to yourself


Talk to yourself, tell yourself how are you feeling. This will help you more than anything else. Do it by writing or painting whatever you like but express yourself. It helps to lessen the pain and sometimes you could find the answers of so many questions of yours that have been wandering in your mind. Be your best friend.

2. Rejection is blessing


Whatever happens, happens for good. Yes, this rejection is a blessing for you because if you two still carry on there would be pain nothing else. Nobody wish to live in a relationship where there is no love but only tears. So, look for happy future because you are free from a toxic relationship.

1. Try to stay mature


At all occasions, attempt to remain mature and adult. The more you will wrath and thunder like a creature, the more embarrassed and remorseful you would feel later. There’s no wrongdoing in not cherishing somebody, so you can’t generally accuse anybody for this stage. Don’t be violent, be patient everything will get right soon.

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