What does your sleeping position say about your relationship?

Every person has a comfortable sleeping side for peaceful sleep but yours and your partner’s sleeping position may tell you a lot of each other’s feeling. Scroll down and know what does your sleeping position say about your relationship?

Intimacy, physical or emotional, should be kept alive to make a bond strong. There are many ways in which partners make each other feel special and intimacy is one of them. Though there are many facts through which your beau or bae shows intimacy, sleeping position is one such fact to figure out where your relationship stands.

Spooning position

Spooning seems to be a sign of tenderness but it tells us that the embracer is the dominant one in the relationship. It’s the way of showing affection, protection and support to the other one.

sleeping position

Spooning while sleeping at the edge of the bed

While some people hoard the major part of the bed to sleep, on the other hand some just stick on the edge of the bed and spoon sleeping. Even in subconscious, one partner moves towards the other partner who is in spooning position at the edge of the bed. Even in sleeping, both partners are living to the commitment of supporting each other through thick and thin.

Resting against his or her chest in sleeping

Love manifest deep within their hearts while partners are sleeping against each other’s chest. During the beginning of a relationship, couples sleep in this position to develop a sense of trust and protection while intensifying their relationship.

Interlaced gestures

Love becomes passion day and night when partners are profoundly feeling for each other. They breathe in love and even in their sleep they exude the passion of their love while interlaced to keep closeness.

Hands intertwined during sleeping

Couples hold hands of each other while sleeping to show the other one that their relationship is unbreakable. It’s the way to make your partner believe that no matter what the circumstances be there will be a strong support at the back.

Sleeping in a back to back position

Partners sleep in this position as they have a really comfortable relationship in which trust is flourishing and even in sleep they have sense of love so strong.

Facing each other on opposite sides

A couple who has spent nearly a year sleeps in this way commonly. They are more relaxed, confident and comfortable while living together and it also shows a healthy independence.

Intertwining feet

Partners have decided to live their life together and they want to be united in both physical and emotional capacity. With this sleeping position, both of them assure that their love is still alive in their relationship.

Is he a space hoarder? Know your partner’s sleeping position and what does it say about your relationship?

Taking over all the space in the bed is a big peeve for the one who will compromise the space. Partners sometimes do sleep in this position without even caring about the other one who gets uncomfortable the whole night. This sleeping position while hoarding the space in the bed shows lack of respect between partners.