5 Clear Signs You Are Bored In Your Relationship

Relationship turns bored and eventually weakens when two people in it have separate lives and nothing common to do together. You are bored in your relationship because there is no more adventure or excitement remaining, just plain routine. It seems boredom has become struggle which is unsettling every single day.

Why do people not stop living boredom in their relationship?

A strange fact of many relationships is that people carrying out menial tasks and staying together even though they know they don’t feel any charm towards each other. Perhaps, they don’t want to go back to their single life or, they are used to the habit of living boring life hence it doesn’t bother them much.

People also believe that they have been through many experiences in a relationship thus severing ties after many years would be a waste. Well, keeping this in mind, it is not worth all the effort that you are putting in your relationship. You are not satisfied with your boring life.

The hard truth is you are afraid of change. You prefer other people and their opinion more than deciding what is best for you. In case you feel your relationship turns boring then you should jumpstart the fun and excitement in it otherwise, end it on good terms. The next question, how can a relationship end at good terms?

There is always a door open for you if you try looking up for a big picture. You are depriving yourself and your partner from the real happiness of life. There will be someone better for you and you just need to take the leap.

Sometime, there are just spells of boredom and it gets fine after some adjustments in your life. So, a need here is to learn the difference between temporary boredom and you being stuck in a boring relationship.

A list of things will help you out to differentiate both:

1. You spend more time watching television.

Some television shows are so interesting that it doesn’t bother you much if you are binge-watching every day. You take binge-watch as an escape from the boring situation of your relationship because you have most probably lost interest in your partner. There are no longer enriching dates that you two plan anymore. Perhaps, you two are avoiding planning anything together.

2. You prefer a solo adventure.

This is another way of escape you think best from your boring relationship. You have some adventurous plans in your mind and your partner doesn’t fit anywhere. You have a strong feeling that if you two go together then there will be a mess and nothing else. You would rather shake up things solo than be ruining it all with your partner.

3. Your friends are even asking you now.

Things appear to be not normal when your friends are observing friction in a relationship. It is sort of validating your suspicions about the bad aspects of your relationship if anyone of your friends notices and asks you for the problem in your relationship. It’s apparent on everyone now and you two can’t hide it any longer.

4. You give more time at work.

Your professional life has more excitement than your personal and it is a strong sign that you are bored in your relationship. You want to immerse yourself in building up your career to the extent that you don’t want to remember you have a personal life too.

5. You don’t have anything to talk about on dinner. 

There are no meaningful conversations, no future planning, and no agreements. Dinner is a part of tedious routine and nothing special to be waiting for the entire day.

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