It’s been a long time living together to know that she gets attached to people in no time and the same way she has developed special affiliation to you. Her feelings are fragile and would easily crumble if you ever choose to leave her. Her incessant desire spending time with you in random moments shows that it’s hard for her to stay without you; she is just madly in love with you. She hears people around her suggesting to lose grip on you or you will start suffocating in the relationship but it’s her love that never let her go off of you. She doesn’t want to listen to people when it comes to you and your love in her heart. She has been told many times that she is being needy but she isn’t, she is just afraid of losing you.

Even if she is needy, she doesn’t think the word “needy” as bad or a label that is attached to people like her. Her perspective is different from others and she doesn’t feel apologizing for it. The way she feels love for you is special for her and whether it seems weird to others or not, she would never apologize for her feelings for you.

She would proclaim her love and her affection whenever she wants to express it and it doesn’t mean that she is exaggerating her feelings or misleading you with her emotions. Her feelings and intentions are genuine and her love for you is so intense that she could go to any length just to love you.

She isn’t being crazy or obsessed over a particular guy and that’s why she is acting the way she is. It’s just her fair share of past experiences in love that make her scared staying away from you. She has been in heart breaking phase and she has felt romantic elation, too. Now, she doesn’t want to go through the same phases, being withdrawn, and that makes her emotional and wanting to keep close to your heart. You might feel suffocation when she wraps her arms around you tightly but in truth she doesn’t want to lose her grip on the most precious thing in her life. She has felt what is being passive does and she never wants to step into that zone again. She wants to keep everything together and transparent with you. She is not scared of expressing her feelings of love and romance now.

Earlier, she acted reserved and her ill-conceived beliefs on love held her back but she is not going to let that happen again. She will not let others telling her how to feel or express about love for you. She will tell you when she is romantically elated, she will let you know when she is scared of losing you, she will even disclose her vulnerabilities and insecurities in front of you because she wants you to  see her who she really is. She is not going to apologize for what she feels for you, you will find her as an open book and she won’t hesitate whatever you will find in her heart.

She wants you to see how pure her love is for you and she loves you with her entire heart. She is just madly in love with you and her entire self wants to dive into the pool of romance.

Neither she is needy nor is she weird. You just have to be proud that there is a girl who doesn’t feel ashamed when she is around you or the way she looks when she loves you.