Scientific Reasoning to Why Good Girls Fall For Bad Boys

Without any doubt, bad attracts popularity and this might be the reason why good girls fall for bad boys. Girls assume that they will gain attention when they are with these guys as they are already the talk of the town concurrently they will be popular as well. It is confusing to witness sensible girls end up falling for a complete douche when there is this average Joe who might go the extra mile with them.

There is also no apparent reason as to how these guys get so much attention and even being not at all relationship material end up snagging a girl. Besides psychological and emotional reasons, here we will discuss the scientific reasons why good girls fall for bad boys.

Charming body features


Beautiful physical features are one of the primary facts that girls attract to their charm. According to a research, narcissism and unhealthy mental state are more common in physically attractive guys. These boys work really hard and use their fancy wardrobe and trendy hair styling as a bait to lure girls into their trap of relationship.

Their impulsive way of living


Girls attract to the glamorous living style without realizing that this kind of attitude may not stay for long. Bad boys are inclined to impulsive way of living and this may seem fun but relationships with them may not have commitment and responsibility in it.

Effect of hormonal changes  


Perspective or mood changes with the change in hormones and girls don’t listen to their well wishers at that time. Scientific study suggests that due to hormonal changes girls may start thinking of such notions that bad guys may become responsible with time or they will change them but the reality is different. Bad boys never render to the responsibility of the relationship.

Bad boys are smart manipulators


For the fun and to kill time, bad boys manipulate girls and their perspective but only for short term. In reality, these guys don’t pay regard to anyone’s feelings and they are downright narcissist. But they sell themselves brilliantly that it will take no time for girls to fall into their charming trap. They play their tricks precisely and work in their image building that girls find no reason to not give them attention.

Their confident is on point


According to a study, bad boys have a preset thinking that they are not responsible for any of their acts and nobody can hold them accountable for their actions therefore they appear more confident. Their confidence in the way they move with ease or the nonchalant attitude they carry is the reason why good girls fall for bad boys. Initially, you fall for them due to their confidence but with time they will turn into blunt and will make you feel that you are no more important in their life.

They play with your life and their arrogance will soon appear in front of you when you see them moving on with other girls. Relationships with bad boys are short term and become meaningless within a few weeks. If you are looking for a committed relationship and a responsible person then go for a nice guy.