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3 Perfect Signs That He’s thinking To Spend the Rest of His Life with You

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3 Perfect Signs That He’s thinking To Spend the Rest of His Life with You

Over the time, you and your partner learn to overcome obstacles and problems along the way and as a couple you have been able to work through and you’ve enjoyed your time together. This guy in your life knows the right solutions to not just your problems but the ones that can harm your romantic relationship with him.

From quite a time, stability and comfort are the factors that you believe you can feel with one another and these are enough to confirm that you two perfectly fit together. However, one question you are desperately waiting to hear from him is when he will ask you to marry him. This confusion from his side is starting to haunt you in dreams, does he think of you the same way you do? Is he sure about spending the rest of his life with you?

All these uncertainties keep popping up in your mind and make you frustrated that he hasn’t done anything yet. You fear that your frustration might not turn into disappointment in him. You feel that he is keeping your relationship in limbo and not making things clear on you. The intensity of love and his affection gives you a certain amount of surety but then you are also worried that he hasn’t initiated the first steps to taking your relationship to the next level.

Gazillion questions running through your mind have put you in a panic state and you keep jumping to conclusions that he is not serious about your relationship. But you should also think in this way that maybe he is trying to plan the entire event of getting down on one knee and amidst all the work he is just ignoring to be certain in front of you.

He doesn’t make it obvious but there are perfect signs that he’s thinking to spend the rest of his life with you. Just be patient and notice the following signs:

1. He has plans of marrying you if he talks to you about ideas of settling down and have a family.

Often, he is talking to you about the future and having a family which are big indications the he has plans of marrying you.

2. He gives you assurance that he is straight with you.

Not a single time, you have ever felt that he is not committed to you or he is in a relationship with someone else. Every time you two are together, he gives you assurance that he is straight with you and can’t think to replace you.

3. You can still feel strong intimacy and passion in your relationship.

No need to fear losing him when you can still maintain strong intimacy and passion in your relationship. Things are kicking and alive because you can always have something to be happy about together.

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