Reasons Why Couples Who Argue Love Each Other The Most

Have you just had your first argument as a couple? Welcome to this new territory of your relationship! This means that you are now past ‘honeymoon period’ and finally, acting like a normal sane couple.

Yes, arguing with each other is completely sane. But, it should not be an act to feed your ego. Arguments can be based on million of topics in your life. One time you agree to your partner, the other time you show total disagreement. However, there should be absolute logic when you are disagreeing or denying another’s perspective.

Argument is a way to show your care and adoration to your partner. How?

Simple, as a couple, when you initiate an argument you don’t even realize but both persons in a relationship are working towards the growth of their relationship. They have difference of opinions but the underlying agenda is to get something done that will be beneficial for both of them, in the end.

Don’t expect things as sweet and rosy every time. Remember, there are always thorns with the most beautiful creations in the world. For-example, a rose is a sign of love, an element of sweetness, and a waft of mesmerizing fragrance. Roses also have thorns but that don’t have an effect on its demand.

After a warm and bright day, cold and gloomy night will also come and you cannot expect the warmth of the day to continue throughout. Figuratively, night is the argument phase in your couple hood which is not going to persist long; it will dawn soon.

You need to understand that argument is also necessary in your relationship. It opens many doors through which you could find convincing ways towards the maturity of your relationship.

Couples in every relationship take arguments in their own way; sometimes it increases their love for each other and other times they couldn’t deal it in the most suitable way. There are three ways couples deal with argumentative stages:

They will sit down, listen, compromise, and will retreat their way to being comfortable as a couple.

They will be persisting on emotionally draining arguments but their reason is to bring a huge change.

There are also those who are known as hostile couples.

Argument should serve a purpose; a volatile argument will only raise questions on each other’s personality.

Both partners should look through for a solution, a breakthrough that will make them stronger.

Argument allows you to set aside your anger and look for logic. Anger will deteriorate the health radar of your relationship and build up of continuous stress and anger will soon become the reasons for the collapse of your relationship.

Argument is a way to offer an honest opinion without filters. You will only confer your unfiltered opinions when you will love and care the most for the one person in your life and that is your partner.

Your true feelings and innermost desires also unravel during a series of arguments. You get to know your core beliefs, compatibility, and personal traits during argument. You could only expect an outburst of truth after a good, heated argument.

There may be some pressing issues that need your attention and you two are not going to that extent in a caution to avoid gruesome fight. However, arguments allow you to keep it productive and without picking up comments or name calling towards each other.

Argument is a place to feel love and anger simultaneously.

Yet, we may not advice you to start your argument session right away.

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