7 Signs to Point out Your Partner Is Your Best Friend

It is said commonly that partners in a relationship need to develop understanding to make an unbreakable bond. How does this understanding will form up? You need to live in a way that your partner is your best friend. Your best friend knows everything about you which includes your darkest secrets too so that when in an emotional drift you need someone to pull you out, your best friend will be the one to do so.

A relationship demands giving and getting both. If one thing misses then it doesn’t sustain for a long time. It requires sacrifice, commitment, and unconditional love to form a strong bond. It is important that both partners see each other equally and reciprocate affection in a true manner.

A relationship should not tie up on the sole reason of getting escape from loneliness or to fix the broken self. Mutual desire and willingness to nourish the relationship should be evident between partners otherwise the bond will stifle first and break ultimately.

According to a relationship expert, 85 percent of relationships and 50 percent of marriages fall due to lack of understanding and commitment. The numbers aren’t mentioned here to discourage you to build a relationship but to make you aware that things will only work after your honeymoon phase when you will try to work it out.

Life is a tide, it ebbs and flows, you need someone who can drag you out every time and for that get to know the below mentioned 7 signs your partner is your best friend and will save you from life’s endless pressures.

1. Your partner will light up the mood

Life is not about happiness only; seriousness is another phase. But your partner will try to cheer you up even if you are struggling with a big problem. Your partner will make you laugh with a word, a sentence or an act to light up your mood.

2. Your partner is your best friend when you feel genuinely happy

Your best friend will accept you with all your faults, craziness, and mood swings. If your partner is making you comfortable and is accepting you in your own skin that means you have your best friend in your partner.

Your Partner Is Your Best Friend

3. Your partner is ready to stand in front of a dragon

Best friends never think for a second to lend a hand of help when you need them the most. They will bring you back to life in your emotional breakdown and even take a bullet for you. If your partner is ready to fight a dragon and stand in front of its fire then without a doubt you’ve a best friend.

4. Your don’t have to please your partner every time

Silence seems awkward when you are sitting around strangers. Your partner is your best friend when you don’t have to try to please your partner. The feeling of easiness between you and your partner is the blessing and it can only be felt when your partner enjoys your company; without even saying words.

5. Your relationship doesn’t suffocate when you argue

A productive argument is necessary in any relationship. People from different backgrounds share different beliefs, opinions, and choices. A friend in a partner will respect that and will never try to win an argument to appease own ego. Friends work together and find ways in case of a few roadblocks. If your partner believes that productive argument will have a positive result that means he is ready to be your best friend.

6. You can talk to your partner for endless hours

Best friends share baseless conversations, sometimes on ridiculous topics with no end. Hours of talking even at night show that your partner is your best friend.

7. You hang out together

A relationship gets stronger and deeper when you or your partner will not be jealous or possessive about your circle of friends. You both hangout together even when you have different circle of friends which means that you believe being best friend of each other.

Are you in a relationship? And you share similar feelings? You have a best friend in your partner then!