6 Behaviors Will Make You Popular Among Folks and People Will Like You More

Have you ever encountered likeable people and the way they carry their aura? These popular folks have confidence on point and they give positive vibes to others around them. Their placid nature and joyfulness is infectious and they can easily attract masses towards them. Do you want to know the secret recipe of their easy-going presence and want to make people like you more? You will find the following 6 behaviors in likeable people:

1. They give their wholehearted attention and want nothing in return

If you have ever been with a person who gets acquainted with other people over just one meeting then you must have observed their art of being present with anyone. They give their full attention to the person who is sitting next to them or present with them in a discussion. They try to offer their assistance without asking for any benefit from them.  They help people whenever or whatever way possible because they have endured struggles too.

2. They develop easiness in a conversation and let the other person talk

There are few people with whom you feel at so ease that you share every minute detail of your life and when you walk away from them, you feel lighter with all you shared. Everyone wish to be heard at some point of time and such likeable personalities let you talk and they listen to every bit of your opinions and life stories without being judgmental on you. It’s their beautiful sense of awesomeness and an incredible personality trait that they engage with you easily and makes you feel special.

3. People will like you more when you act being without any sense of insecurity

One of the important behaviors they follow in life is to never be jealous of other people and their abilities. They are happy in their skins and content with what they have achieved and so they encourage you to feel good about yourself. They carry selfless nature and try to transfer their confidence to others when they speak with them. They bring lightness in any scenario and change complaining opinions into satisfactory endings.

4. They believe in the power of words to bring change

You will never find any likeable person with short-temperament. They are genuine from inside out and speak their earnest ideas without choosing non-respectable gestures or tone. Their words are pearls of wisdom and they know how to put them right in a particular situation without losing temperament.

5. They exude wisdom without criticism

They believe in learning from any instance without being a critic. They respect the diversity in ideas from other people. They don’t see people as per their class or standards rather they sit with people from every walk of life no matter rich or homeless.

6. They connect with people and show gentle body language

People often stay away from a person who is touching while in a conversation, it disturbs them. A like-able person does not shy about showing gentle body gestures when acknowledging efforts like giving a warm hug, a firm handshake, a pat on the shoulders. It’s their way of complimenting the abilities of the other person and their body language makes people feel comfortable.