Ontario Police Chase up Took Away Teenage couple’s Life

A deadly incident took place on 5th October in which a teenage couple including 15 years old Nathan Wehrl and 16 years old Taryn Hewitt from Cambridge and London respectively were killed in a chase up by Ontario police.

Kate Bueckert/CBC

According to the news published by CTV, someone at 09:00am contacted Waterloo Police. According to the caller, a guy outside ladies’ salon was trying to assault and kidnap a girl. The police immediately reached that spot and attacked a guy and a girl. The girl sitting next to him was his girlfriend and both were out for car theft pursuit. The guy had nothing to do with the kidnapping case. It was unfortunate for that teenage couple that they got killed in that police operation.

Their car got hit by a truck. Truck driver was fortunately stayed safe in that deadly accident. He got shaken up in this accident but didn’t get even a minor scratch.

With the commencement of investigation process police had to involve all the people who were closely in contact with the girl and boy.  The police contacted Wehrle’s friend. His friend wanted his name to be under cover. He told that since many years Wehrle had been engaged in car theft crimes. According to him, car drifting and joyriding were amongst his favorite activities. His friend further added that Wehrl called me and disclosed that he and his girlfriend will rob a car that day.


Furthermore, Wehrl’s sister was also investigated. She admitted that his brother had been involved and engaged in various crimes like car theft but had never hurt anyone to an inhumane level like kidnaping. She further told that though his brother had been engaged in car theft and many other crimes but still he had a good heart. She added that when his brother was a kid he used to empty his pockets just for the sake of bringing smile on other people’s faces.

The case is now taken up for further investigation by the Ontario Investigation Police. Meanwhile, the investigation is being done, Chloe is expecting to get clear answers to all the questions that are disturbing her mentally. She basically wants to see a clear picture regarding the happenings on the day of incident. For her it is very important to know what is happening around these days with the case investigation.

John Rennison/The Hamilton Spectator

The case is now being investigated by the Special Investigation Unit. Michael Haffner the inspector from CTV, of this case said loud and clear that Ontario Provincial Police must also investigate this case independently, as he does not want any loopholes. He further told to CBC that he has sheer trust in his own officers but still he wants an outsider investigation too.

Since this fatal incident took place in front of pizza parlor so the pictures of that place were taken and handed over to the investigation team. Although the pictures have not been leaked out, but they will play an integral part in resolving this highly sensitive and important case.

Dave Abel/Toronto Sun/Postmedia Network