One-sided Relationship: a Toxic Way to Live

One-sided relationship. A situation that is so cruel, that it is better to not have a relationship than being in one where your partner feels nothing for you. It so happens sometimes that you are so engrossed in your perfect life with your perfect partner that you don’t realize that it is only you who is contributing to the bond. Your life feels wonderful only because you choose to see it that way, even though deep down you know, that you have to give up so much of your energy to maintain it and your partner on the other hand doesn’t really care. In order to recognize if you are in a one-sided relationship, look below at the 10 signs.

1. Going out is always your idea:

It is always you who suggests meeting up and hanging out. They never check with you if you are free. They don’t bother to spend time with you. The entire planning process becomes your job.

2. They never lend a shoulder to lean on:

Whenever they need you, you are there for them in a split second, but when the tables are turned, they are nowhere around. You don’t have them as your support system. You always push back your schedules to make time for them but when you are in need of advice or simply a shoulder to cry on, they disappear.

3. They don’t feel trustworthy:

It’s hard to let your guard down in front of them. You find it difficult to open up to them. Sharing is the key to a healthy relationship and if this key is missing, the relationship is weak.

4. It seems like they always have better plans than you:

Whenever you hang out, you feel as if there is someplace else they need to be. They just don’t enjoy your company or maybe they’d rather be alone than spending time with you.

5. You cannot be yourself around them:

They always expect you to be at your best behavior with them. No matter what kind of a day you had, you cannot express your feelings to them. Otherwise you end up getting hurt.

6. There is a communication gap:

They feel like an obligation to even talk to you. They never find time to converse. They are just too busy to even send you a short greetings message throughout the day.

7. Looking back, you feel nothing is right:

On surface, it all seems good, but when you ponder over your relationship, you realize nothing seems to go fine. There is always a problem or a fight amongst you. It is only you who is trying to fix it and they have no role in it. This is a toxic relationship and one should get out of it.

8. You’re not comfortable doing things you want with them:

You just don’t know if they would enjoy what you plan. You’re afraid to ask them for a plan thinking they would find it unexciting.

9. You are lying to your family and yourself:

You are always shielding your partner in front of your loved ones. They want you to see the big picture but you are just not ready yet, and you feel the need to prove your relatives wrong about their judgments of your partner.

10. There is constant effort to engage them in your life:

Neither do they let you into their lives nor are they making an effort to engross into yours. However you are constantly trying to make them a big part of your life even when they don’t want to.

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