5 Mistakes You Should Not Try If You Want To Get Your Ex Back in Your Life

It was a mistake, that unfortunate day, a miserable moment, when you two broke up, for good or bad, but now you think it was a mistake.

Why does it hurt now when both of you are not together? Would you not rather be freer to live your life than before?

It does hurt when a person leaves a deep impression on your heart that even after that person is no longer with you but you still want to be with her.

Acceptance is truly not easy when a person, you were so deeply involved with, left you and passing time tells you about the mistake you have done in your life.

If life would give you a chance again, you would take back your soul piercing harsh words, drowning moments in which you shattered her heart. And now you want to get your ex back…

Why do you think your ex should consider you again? After what you did to her, squeezing life out of her ambitions, eroding a lively personality, lynching her faith that she was important to you, should she want to come back in your life.

It would perhaps a huge or rather complicated decision for her to make and you need to pray with sincerity that she could at least listen to you.

Your conduct, this time, may win you back her heart but it all depends if you don’t do these mistakes.

1. Try not to underestimate the “no contact” rule.

One sentence that you hear a lot from the people the instant you tell them that you want to work things out between you and your ex is, “take your time before you contact them again”. But that’s not the same case in all the broken relationships. Sometime, getting in contact with her sooner can save you from closure. If you feel that misunderstandings should be clear between you and her then you should not waste another minute to smooth out all the tangles.

2. Try to stick to your strengths.

Probably, you were not playing to your strengths and you gave more importance to unnecessary things in your relationship. You can win her back when she will see you making some positive efforts.

3. Try not to recall those things that became reasons for your breakup.

Definitely, you don’t want her to taste all the bad moments again and the best way for you now is to stop doing things that turn her off to the idea of being with you.

4. Try not to give her any hint of that you can’t live without this girl.

Self-assurance and independence should be your strength points and you need to prove to her that her love is more important to you.

5. Try to avoid every attempt to make her jealous.

This classic ploy doesn’t work in all cases. It would be easy for her to move on from you completely after she would get confirmed that you’re with a new girl.