8 Mistakes Are Highly Likely That You Can Make In A New Relationship

1. You act reckless when it’s still fresh.

Keep your guard up and be patient when the relationship is still fresh and new. You need to resist to be just falling so freely and recklessly for someone. You are better off when you keep your feelings and emotions under control and don’t go all-in right away. Give your relationship time to grow and learn to take things as they come. Everything seems great in the beginning but wait because bad things may have yet to surface.

2. You are overdriven by your emotions.

Your strong expressions of love may fire back because you don’t have any idea whether your partner’s is operating on the same wavelengths as you or not. You would drive away your partner if they are not so receptive of your strong emotions. Behave with patience and you should gauge where your partner is in relation to you – and then you will decide about pouring out of your feelings but before making it sure you should behave yourself.

3. You push things on a physical level.

Your relationship status is still not clear and putting a lot of pressure on your partner on a physical level might make you appear as the one who runs for lust than love. Don’t be so quick to jump into the sack with your partner and be respectful of one another’s boundaries. You should both only engage in physical relations when there is a comfort level otherwise wait for the time to be right.

4. You ignore all red flags.

The adrenaline of your emotions will consume you and will make you blindsided in the early phase of your relationship. Don’t let your emotions get the best of you when you should be looking out for potential red flags and bad signs that could potentially hurt you.

5. You are too clingy.

Don’t be that person because it takes the freshness away from your relationship. You and your partner need space outside of this relationship. Don’t look needy by making your partner feel like you would just collapse without their presence in your life. If you would lose your independence and self-reliance in the early days of your relationship then you will lose your partner’s respect for you.

6. You discuss exes a lot.

This topic is not okay to talk about in the early days of your relationship. Couples who have been together for quite a while and are really deep into the relationship can understand and take in such discussion really well. At this point, if you will talk about your ex then you partner will think that you still have some feelings and that’s why you bring up them during conversations. Avoid all these sort of discussions because you just started now.

7. You check whereabouts of your partner on social media.

Your insecure behavior will consume you if you don’t stop stalking your partner on social media. You will drive them away by not giving them space to breath. You are obsessed with your partner on social media and this will make the environment suffocated for them.

8. You don’t keep the intimacies of your relationship private.

You air out all intimacies of your relationship to your friends and family when your relationship is still on the stage of self-discovery. You are both still trying to figure out your collective identity and your relationship as a whole. During this you should keep things as private and as intimate as possible.

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