Men Prefer Different Things For Girls They Are Dating And The Ones They Marry

It’s a reality, some may share and others may keep in secret, but men prefer different things for girls they are dating and the ones they marry. You would think men as womanizer or fake but sometimes women are aware of their tricks and still they fall for their charm. Others, naïve couldn’t understand the expectations and do the things that shouldn’t be done because he is never going to marry her.

Men play double roles in their life. When they are dating a girl, they would expect her to do things that they wouldn’t ask from their wife.

It is imperative to know what your man thinks of you if you are in a dating relationship. Perhaps, he is different if you would be his wife.

1. Men want their wife to look jaw dropping and wouldn’t care if their girlfriend doesn’t

They care less for their girlfriend than their wife. Because they want to flaunt their wife to the world but they don’t want to show their girlfriend to anyone as they are not going to spend their life with them. They expect their wife to look stunning even in pajamas because she is the only one they will keep in their life for forever. Whereas, a man doesn’t feel much if his girlfriend doesn’t look on point every time because nobody is going to know if she exists in his life.

2. Men share everything with their wife but keep things from girlfriend

If you are in a dating relationship and feel that your man keeps things from you and he doesn’t bother to share with you, is because he never thinks of you as his future wife. He would only share everything from his past and current life if he is going to make you his spouse. He doesn’t open up, is the reason he doesn’t want to as this dating relationship is temporary and he is going to move forward once he gets bored of you.

3. Men handover their finances to their wife and keep a tight hand with their girlfriend

Unless, your man has made up his mind and is serious of you making you the eternal one, only then he is going to spend heavy on you. Otherwise, men never share their financial details with their girlfriend and keep a tight hand when spending on someone who is not going to be forever in their life.

Expensive vacation plans, jewelry, or sharing bank account details are the things men do when they want to commit to a girl for lifetime.

Are you the one who can access your man’s wallet and credit cards easily or not?

4. Men will take moods of their wife but not of their girlfriend

Men don’t want their girlfriend to be possessive about them. Whenever you are in a dating relationship, you will never get to know the phone contacts and friends on social accounts of your man. However, being his wife, you would know all the history of your man. Men know very well that wife can put a leash around their neck and they wouldn’t do anything to break it but they would never allow their girlfriend to do the same.

This is how men keep things different for their wife and girlfriend. If they are serious about you, they would do anything that you ask from them but if they just see you as a temporary fix for their boredom then they would interrogate a lot before they fulfill your demand.

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