Your day starts with her first text a “good day” with a smile emoji and your day ends with her. She makes you feel the most blessed person on earth, she understands you, and she is the only one who will stand with you in tough time. So why not asking her to marry you when you think she is the one? You might not want to take the first step or you are too afraid that she wouldn’t approve of this new approach to your relationship. Well, you should take the lead and ask to marry her because she has these qualities and she may not be saying it directly to you but she wants the same.

She never demands of change in you

In a relationship, at some point of time a person demands from the other one to change behavior or something else. Your girl has never asked you to change any of your behaviors or the way you live your life. It clearly means that she loves you the way you are and she is ready to take a big step with you.

She is supportive in a long-distance relationship

Needless to say, couples in a long-distance relationship have to maintain a really active communication otherwise it will not work out. She seems to surprise you as you two often have to live a long-distance relationship and she handles such situation sensibly and lovingly. She manages to make you and herself believe that everything is normal and guy this is a sure sign and her biggest quality that she wants this relationship as much as you.

She has energetic vibes

She always tries something new and never for once allows boredom to seep in your relationship. It never feels that you two have this relationship for a long time now. She has energetic vibes that attract you towards her. You can talk to her for hours and long and it would never feel that you are bored or you keep up for the sake of not hurting her. You want her for forever because she brings freshness and a vibrant energy to your life.

You know you can talk to her on every topic

She is the one person in your life who will listen to you without being judgmental. You feel light spending time with her after a tiring day at work. You can talk to her on endless topics and you will feel that you can even relate to her views. She amazes you when she gives her opinion on issues that you think only men would talk about. She is your best buddy and she can be your soulmate.

Family is important to her the way it is to you

Every person who is close to you has a special place in her heart. You know it because you can see it in the ways she treats and loves them. When she talks about your parents it feels like she is talking about her own parents. The emotions she shares with her family members, she shares the same with the people who are around you. You’ve seen many times when her heart welled up with compassion and love for your loved ones. You should marry her because she has this quality and she is a family person.

She exudes wisdom and wit

Whenever you need advice in crucial time, she is the one person you seek wisdom from. Her perspective is unique and she will make you look into those places where you’ve never imagined you would get answers. She is also motivational in a stressed situation and her wit makes you feel better.

She respects your privacy

You know she will never pry into your matters or interfere in your privacy. She is your only confidant and you are sure that she will never break your trust. She respects the privacy of your relationship with her and you believe that things you two share to each other stay in between you two.  She is a mature person and the perfect one for marriage.

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