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Look Pretty with Straight Hairstyles

Long Straight Hairstyle With Side Bangs


Look Pretty with Straight Hairstyles

Straight hair is a blessing and those who have this blessing are indeed very lucky. No other type of hair look more elegant then the straight hairstyles. Straight hair can be designed in various ways to make you look pretty and attractive among all other in parties and evenings. Such a hairstyle is a dream of every women but not everyone has long straight hair. You can play excellently with your straight long hair to make them look fresh hairstyle every morning. Certainly you can make so many pretty hairstyles with long straight hair that are not possible with other types of hair. Straight hairstyles have always been among the most famous hairstyles and women love having them. Especially if your hair are healthy enough then one of the best way to enhance your personality is by having long straight hair. Though having straight hair is blessing but people often found it confusing while deciding on which hairstyle to have as this requires a proper knowledge about the particular hairstyle that you want to get and also about the shape of your face.

Long Straight Hairstyle With Blunt Bangs

Long Straight Hairstyle With Blunt Bangs

Great Long Straight Hairstyle

Great Long Straight Hairstyle

Lovely Layers

It is beautiful hairstyle that will surely make you look charming and pretty with long waves flowing down to the shoulder and giving you a classic look. Try this chocolate look to make yourself attracted in parties and event because it gives you a classic look that everyone likes. Women having thicker hair should go for this hair style. Though all type of face shape will go good with the straight hairstyles but oval shape face women are the best candidate for this hairstyle.


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Seeing Red

With the right number of layers and well sided bangs, this hairstyle will make you stand-out among all other people. The hairs flow down to the shoulder and bangs are swept just rightly at the eye level. Adding on the red color to the hairstyle gives it certainly a refreshing and energetic look. This hairstyle suits to every type of face shape but hair should be thick and long to give the best result.
sided bangs
layers with bangs

Fresh Flip

With forehead totally covered with hair and long side hair, the straight hairstyles make you look elegant and attractive. Sleek long bangs masterly crafted to give you a modern look. The best part of hairstyle is the tones of layers that are framed fantastically around face to give face a descent yet modern look. One thing to keep into mind before going for such a hairstyle is that you measure your forehead length so that you can have appropriate style of layers framing the face. Apart from round shaped and square shaped faces, all other types of face of women will go best with this hairstyle.

Sleek long bangs
side hair
long bangs

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