It’s a mutual bond that would be a lasting relationship only when you will start doing the following:

1. Shut down negative thoughts

Everything is going to work out if you are positive about it. The more you think negative the more are the chances that the worse would happen. If you have already thought that everything goes haywire then it would not work out. This negativity will affect your behavior and your partner will lose all the patience after sometime.

For your relationship to be a success you need to become a person who is never going to let negativity seep in. Think positive and the same will happen.

2. Keep straight approach

Via: Lifehack

Mind games in a relationship will not give you dominance over other, it will deteriorate the roots and one day it will collapse. Ditch all your silly mind games and try another way to get even with your partner. You need to communicate your emotions to your partner without being manipulative or sabotaging a good relationship.

3. Love may not be enough but commitment

Commitment keeps it all together between two people. The burning passion is also requisite in a true relationship. You need to value and respect your partner as an individual, too. Love may be the attraction that has brought you together but passion, dedication, and respect will make you strong. You need to become best of friends of each other because love may be missing but a strong friendship survives all times.

4. No trust no relationship

Trust is the foundation of any relationship. There is no point living with each other if you are failed to respect your partner or vice versa. Trust in your partner will keep you away from being jealous. You may be failed in your past relationships but this doesn’t mean that this person should bear the brunt of your past baggage. You value trust means you value your relationship.

5. Choose a person with similar perspective

Every person lives by an individual perception and beliefs but a person doesn’t match your ideas of seeing the things will be amiss and will not hold the same respect as the person who thinks somehow like you will do. So, never settle below what you deserve and desire from a person and from a relationship. You will only remain happy with your partner when you will hold ample amount of respect and love for them. Absence of these factors will bring one-sidedness and you would definitely not want to live like that.

6. Don’t rush to a relationship

This is the biggest mistake one does in a relationship. The person you attract to becomes your obsession and you want to start a relationship with them immediately. You have to give your love time to understand the other person. One night stand or a fling will give you short time satisfaction. Wait for the right person, even for this you have to bypass a person, never hesitate to do that. It’s best to wait a little longer for the right kind than being hooked up with the inappropriate.