1. Human beings can make mistakes, learn to forgive, give chances, and look for other qualities that you like the most in your partner.

2. Sharing a life path with your partner will not be easy, there are stones, twists and turns, ascend, and steep decline, just ensure you have a strong grip on your relationship wheel and your ride will be worth till the end.

3. Forget what the rest of the world will say about you, own your life, own your decisions, and not let anyone to judge you of who you are and how you want to live your life.

4. If mistakes are accepted on the right time will not have a worst effect on your relationships. You will feel content and happy when there is complete transparency between you and your partner.

5. Don’t let your heart turn into cold for the mistakes of your partner. Fill your inside with compassion and try to understand the situation before giving your verdict.

6. Trust is not easily attained or earned. If you doubt every moment, every person, every decision, then you will be left alone in the end.

7. Being busy is an excuse, if you know the true meaning of life then it will be easy to take out time for your friends, family, and someone truly special in your life. Time spend with near and dear is worth every second.

8. Let your partner know everyday that there is something special in them that makes them the most beautiful in the world. Express your feelings with your compliments and your life will smell fresh for long.

9. Stand strong for your partner’s support. Keep your bond strong that no emotional or physical challenge can make the foundation of your relationship weak. You should ensure that the two of you become each other’s strength and believe on infinite support to give one another if hardship comes your way.

10. Keep your expectations real from your partner. If you will feed unrealistic expectations from a relationship and ask your partner to fulfill then it may lead to unending chain of problems.

11. Keeping things hidden from your partner, constantly lying about your matters, not sharing what bothers you from inside or outside, will widen the gap between you and your partner. Do not allow a single lie to permeate the happiness of your relationship.

12. Giving more to a relationship without expecting much in return is a key to last a relationship for a lifetime. You may be doing more than your partner but in the end it will worth all your effort and time. Living your life a little selfless makes everything easy.

13. Only make those promises that you think you will be able to keep up. If you will suppose promises that are superficial and are made just to please the other person then you will be at a losing end.

14. Never hesitate communicating with your partner. They are your life and soul and keeping things to yourself will make life difficult for you. Clear communication will never allow misunderstandings to infuse the air of your relationship.

15. Independence gives you strength and solving your problems as per your own rules improves your ability to own the outcome. Sometimes it is also better to open up to your partner and tell them about your personal problems, they will feel an important part of your life.

16. Don’t just say you are listening, actually listen to your partner and give your honest opinion. Your partner needs your undivided attention and they have all the rights to have your attention at all times. Your partner is someone who is going to stay with you for long time so, it’s vital to understand what your partner is trying to say.

17. With time you can make your relationship strong when you help each other to grow and bring the best out of the personality.

18. Do not try to change your partner as per your convenience. You two are equally responsible for the peace and happiness of your relationship. Both of you are unique and can bring your distinguished qualities into play to make your relationship healthy and successful.

19. Respect is extremely important even more than love. If you can’t respect your partner, their preferences, their emotions, then you will lose them easily.

20. Keep focusing on the positives of your relationship and your partner’s personality. Don’t put your ears on what others say about them, believe on what your heart says and feel for them.

21. Share moments of laughter every now and then. Life is quite serious but you can make it light by bringing humor in your conversation.

22. Understand the needs of your partner. For a lifetime relationship, you need to work hard on mutual understanding. Disagreements may come in your way but try resolving issues with prudence and wise decisions.

23. Appreciate even the minute actions your partner is doing for you. Show your hearty gestures for the little things your partner is performing everyday only for you.

24. Do not let your past linger on for long. Even if your partner has a past then let it remain locked. Don’t make them responsible for their past. Focus on the future.

25. Loyalty ensures the sanctity of your relationship. Be loyal with each other and you may have a relationship that will last a lifetime.

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