3 Golden Japanese Rules Of Living Healthy And Long Life

Life these days demands efficiency but it comes at a cost. You have to rub your shoes hard on hours-long work shifts. Perhaps, demanding work doesn’t feel burdensome if you are taking good care of mental and physical needs. Fortunately, your body has a built-in alarm system which indicates when functions are not working properly. Muscles ache when you’re not using a proper surface to sleep. Blood circulation affects when you sleep on an inappropriate body posture.

Who do you think are following best ways of living a healthy life?

Various researches tell you that among the most agile, efficient and healthy nations of the world, Japanese top the list. Golden Japanese rules of living healthy and long life are not mere words but these are the facts and the vital parts of their rich culture.

The secret of Japanese lifestyle embodies the simple living. They know exactly what they are doing to make their lifestyle healthy. Hands down, Japanese people are super-productive and the world renowned advancements in the field of industry, technology and education over the past decades, are achieved due to their basic life rules. They don’t just go for simple in eating habits but in every way possible. They invest in small apartments and minimalistic furniture to live life hassle free.

Japanese meditation techniques are also famous and are proved to improve health conditions. A Japanese engineer, Katsuzo Nishi, also a book author is asked to share his story of improved health and the way he has been defeating death for past 44 years, he gave all the credit to Japanese lifestyle. He was being told by doctors that he would die before he turned 20 due to his vulnerable body conditions. His parents took a decision and sent him away for 3 years to spend his time at a Buddhist monastery. During his time, he learned about meditation and wholesome ways to improve his health through simple and healthier techniques.

On his quest to defeat worst health conditions, he went to doctors and lifestyle experts to gather as much research for himself as possible and ended up writing his own book on improved life and golden Japanese rules of living healthy and long life. We found three rules in his book, the simplest and the most effective to apply for prolonged and healthier life.

Choose a hard surface to sleep on

living healthy and long life

We all know very well that without a fully functioning backbone our body cannot move. A bad sleeping posture may affect spine and the connecting organs. In order to keep the digestive and circulatory systems of the body in a good condition, your spine must rest in a straight posture.

A solid roller for a pillow


A solid roller instead of a pillow is a more appropriate option for one’s health. Japanese believe a person experiencing neck scoliosis indicates that there are some health issues that need immediate action. A hard roller will make you feel uncomfortable for a couple of days but keeping it under your 3rd and 4th vertebrae every day will prevent tensed neck muscles.

Capillary circulation is improved with this exercise


Stretch out your back on a flat and hard surface with a hard roller under your neck. Try to raise your arms and legs but your knees and elbows will be slightly bent. Now shake your limbs for 2-3 minutes.

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