Intelligent Women Are Wise And Take Time To Consider A Man Mr. Right

Marriage is a sublime topic in the life of a woman. Starting from her early 20s, after graduation, the one question which is most important than oxygen for her is, when is she getting married? Her cousins and friends are preparing for their big day, they are of her age, but she is not considering any proposal serious. In fact, opposing all norms, she wants to study more not just for a sound financial position but also to do something for herself. Her ambition will put her under a toll, those years when she will be struggling in her career, at the same time, her friends are raising two or three children, some will get divorced and remarry but she will remain unmarried. Nonetheless, this will be her decision and whatever are the consequences, she remains at peace that she hasn’t forced herself to do something that she would regret afterwards.

Intelligent women are wise and take time to consider a man Mr. Right, is an option that they want to own in their life. A woman when comes to an age of 30 or 30+, is not old rather wise and wiser than many other who are unhappy in their marriage because they weren’t mature when they got married and now unable to sustain their relationship. An intelligent woman knows herself from inside out, she lives through the challenges and hurdles, enough to lessen her conviction. Yet, she rises above all, learns from her mistakes, and is able to shape a life for herself in which she is independent and grown.

Therefore, she takes her time to deliberate on the subject of marriage and the man who is going to partner her. Several aspects about a man; his qualification, financial stability, social behavior, equality in a relationship, are important for her to take the final decision. She is not desperate to tie the knot with any man just because she is overage for marriage. All her time spent on professional and personal development makes her less needy and less clingy for a man in her life. Her preference is someone who gives respect to who she is and her perspective for the world. Hence, she is not afraid of another year passed without betrothed to a man.

Yes, her expectations are raised and she wants to consider the following factors before saying “I do” to Mr. Right:

1. Intelligent woman is wise and takes time to consider a man Mr. Right because she doesn’t want to end up in an unhealthy relationship. Her instincts have been polished all these years to distinguish accurately all the red flags about a man and his wrong intentions.

2. They would rather go on a holiday alone than be spending their time with a person who prefers nonsense conversations and keeps immature feelings. Men who can excite them with meaningful conversation and fascinating flirts will be worth their time.

3. Undoubtedly, they are serious in their commitments but at time of choosing career over family, they would rather pick the former. Therefore, they don’t turn in for serious relationships too early.

4. In order to feel at peace and complete, they don’t need a man rather some alone time helps them to steer clear for their life goals. They keep searching for a suitable partner and till then they can take care of themselves without a man.

5. Intelligent women don’t need love of a man to keep their sanity in check. They strive hard to achieve what they desired and during that time they don’t need a man in their life.

6. They are sometimes assumed as arrogant and cold. But they adopt a reserved nature not to waste their time on someone who doesn’t live up to their expectation.

7. Her independence is top most priority for an intelligent lady. It’s not that she doesn’t listen to anyone but she would rather pay attention to someone who she thinks a good match for her.

8. Smart ladies take their time to consider a man Mr. Right because they want a person in their life who is at least as intelligent as they are.

9. There are plethora of interesting things in an intelligent woman’s life therefore a man who is mature to understand her routine can become her potential husband.