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Are You Actually in Love or Just Attached to Someone?

in love and not just attached

Love and Relationship

Are You Actually in Love or Just Attached to Someone?

There is no proper way to judge what love is or whether your love is true or not. But at times it happens that you force yourself to get into a relationship or you force yourself to love someone due to many reasons. May be because you are tired of being alone, so you forcefully attach yourself to a wrong person. There is a huge difference in love and just being attached to someone. Which we must know so that we don’t suffocate our self in a relation which is not meant for us.

1. Love is heavy; Attachment is light

Love is something that can be felt even its gone. If love is real, it will leave its mark. You feel miserable and want to quit. You feel the weight of love but if it’s attachment it doesn’t affect you that much. You will feel a little sad for some time, but then everything will be okay.

2. Love = selfish; Attachment = selfish

When you love someone truly, you are ready to do anything for them. Your partner becomes your priority. For you their needs and wants are important than yours. And seeing them smile makes you happy. But if it’s attachment you think about yourself first. Anything that makes you uncomfortable you are not ready to do it.

3. Love is difficult; Attachment is easy

Love is not always smooth, yes, it is the best feeling in the world, but it gets complicated when two people live together. There are ups and downs, but if love is real you stay with each other no matter what. Whereas attachment is easy when you live together because you don’t argue much as it does not affect what other person is doing.

4. Love is liberating; Attachment is controlling

Couples who love each other truly do not stop each other from doing specific things. They trust each other and both of them allowed to do whatever they wish to. There are no restrictions in true love, whereas in attachment insecurities restrict the couple. It forces you to doubt your partner.

5. Love is supportive; Attachment is choking

When you are actually in love, you encourage and motivate your partner at every step of life. You believe in other’s dreams and support your partner to fulfill their dreams. When people are truly in love they push each other to be a better person whereas attachment is choking. When people are attached to each other they like to remain in their own space.

6. Love is everlasting; Attachment is for limited time


Love has no time limit, it never dies. Two people in love, never get tired of each other because there is no satisfying one’s want to love and that is the reason it goes on forever. But attachment is for a limited time, people are bored with each other when there craving is satisfied.

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