If You Want a Great Lifestyle These Findings May Help You

Staying updated with the latest scientific discoveries can help us stay healthier and have a longer life. Being aware of the pros and cons of our lifestyle greatly changes its quality. Hence
Mash of Life learned about scientific discoveries that can have a positive influence on our lifestyle.

1. There is a link between appendectomy and Parkinson’s disease.

Parkinsons disease
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Researchers have learned that people who go through an appendectomy are most likely to suffer from Parkinson’s disease. This study was collected from a record of patients at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland having a total of about 62.2 million clients. The precise reason has not been analyzed yet but the link shows that these patients have a thrice chance of getting a Parkinson’s disease.

2. There’s no difference between Working at a nail salon and an oil refinery.

nail salon
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An extensive study at the University of Colorado revealed that nail salons had high amounts of certain types of cancer causing chemicals in the air. Through a survey it was found out that employees working in these parlors were exposed to these chemicals daily and suffer from headaches as well as skin and eye discomfort. Studies show that over a course of 20 years these employees have 100 times more chance of suffering from cancer and it is equal to working in an oil refinery.

3. Blue LED-light is dangerous for the eyes.

Blue LED
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The blue LED-light is not good for health as per the scientists of National Agency on Food, Environment, and Labor Control. It damages the eye and can cause irritation as well as retina problems. Toddlers who have sensitive eyes at this stage are more exposed and hurt by these lights and it is urged to use warm lights everywhere.

4. Sunscreen is a blessing is a misunderstanding.

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Safety from the sun should be a priority is what we have always heard but this may not be the case. In a study done by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), it was realized that those who used sunscreens were 400 times more at risk than those who did not use it. Yet we are always told to use sunscreen as it lowers the chance of getting skin cancer.

5. Vapes may be cool but the kill.

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After a research done at the University of Massachusetts Medical School it was found that vapes are pretty harmful for the human heart as it damages the cells and increases the risk of strokes. Several flavors were tested and cinnamon flavor turned out to be the most harmful.

6. Cracking your neck can be life threatening.

Cracking your neck
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Cracking your neck can be as dangerous as it is satisfying. A recent case of a young boy revealed that due to his cracking of neck he suddenly felt paralyzed and frail and also felt problems with his eyesight. This is when the doctors discovered that he had suffered a stroke due to the cracking of his neck.

7. Early morning is best for exercise.

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Another investigation attested the results that exercising before noon is more beneficial than afternoon or evening as the fresh air gets absorbed in our cells more quickly and easily in the morning. Hence one should be more active in the earlier hours.

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