A love to remain forever, a soulmate to be with ever who will show us dimensions of our emotions and realms of love, are the expectations every lover anticipates because everyone wants the real thing.

Real intentions of a person are harsh realities that hit us like discomforts once the fairy-tale phase is over, and when the actual work begins.

Even though, you have to fail, atleast for once you try hard and struggle for your love just for the hope that something is worth preserving that you both feel. But, that will work only if there is something of true worth.

Certainty and trust, are the factors that he is looking for to take the leap of faith and dive in. Certainty for the love that he becomes sure about that will pull him back whenever difficult circumstances make him want to leave and trust that he needs when obstacles come along the way and both of you are going to overcome them together.


1. A safest connection with you when he needs comfort.

A man is desperately in need to feel safe in the embrace of a woman he is in love with so he looks out for shelter in her arms, her eyes, her heart, and her soul. The feeling of being with someone who reminds him of home is the actual sensation he wants to experience while living with you and to fall crazy in love with you. He can truly give into his emotions and open his heart to you if he feels loved, desired, and wanted.

2. Companionship based on mutual understanding.

A relationship cannot thrive on just love and compassion, but the concept of compromising should be prevailing between both of you. Mutual understanding is the magical method for achieving the highest and most blissful realm of love.

If partners are not familiar with values of respect, forgiveness, tolerance, and love, then it is difficult for a relationship to prosper.

3. The feeling of support and praise.

Negative vibes around your relationship in a way of criticism, insults, and manipulation will only make him indifferent to your love and affection. You could get nothing out of him if there is a serious sign that your relationship is developing in an unhealthy way, it will eventually collapse. But when it will be the other way around, when you decide to put your attention towards the positive parts of relationship like support and praise, it will grow.

Your love will flourish when your man can have the feeling of being supported, not put down.

4. An experience to reveal the real you.

He wants to hear the truth about you, what makes you tickle, what make your eyes glisten, what makes you smile, what makes your heart light up. The truths that you will only share with him because you need to make him realize that he is your true partner, a soulmate.

He is looking for a potential partner and you have to be the one who can give him the safe place for all of his feelings to land on. Your man might not be capable of expressing his emotions but he wants you to teach him how to open up. He needs to know that you’re guarding his own secrets and no one else will know what he has revealed to you.

They are maybe not capable of expressing their emotions but they want a partner who would be patient and willing to teach them.