If You’ve Heard Any Of These 7 Common Lies, You Are Being Played By A Narcissist

Inherently skillful at crafting fiction and extremely manipulative, narcissists make sure that the people remain as victims and at their mercy in the relationships. They are so good and on top of their game that even if people know that they are in a less ideal relationship with the narcissist; but somehow, they continue to stay that way.

The skill that they master to distort your perception of the truth is through incessant lying and deception. Years and years of experiences with different kinds of people make their intuition and inventiveness so strong that they will make you doubt reality. They will craft fictional worlds in front of you in an effort to convince you that things are a lot better than they really are. They are masters at crafting lies to distort your perception of the truth. Read more and think if you’ve heard any of these 7 common lies, then you are being played by a narcissist. After reading below, you would wish that you may never come across a narcissist when dating someone.

1. “You didn’t see me doing that. You’re just acting crazy.”

Narcissists try their efforts to manipulate the mind by making you believe that whatever you are thinking or seeing is actually wrong. They employ that everything is perfectly fine while you’re only making fuss out of nothing. In reality, you’re being duped and it’s their effort to make you doubt your sanity so you will never live on your own way.

2. “You are no better but terrible than all of my toxic exes!”

They want to achieve two things with one shot by implying this on you. You would start doubting that your partner still thinks about their previous relationships from time to time. Just so, you will never feel secure about your place in the relationship and you keep feeding into your insecurities. By making a comparison with their ex, they are actually trying to directly insult you so you would exert more effort into the relationship.

Common Lies

3. “I can’t imagine my life with you not in the picture.”

Instantly, after listening to this you would feel needed and the guilt will reside in your heart for thinking that your partner would crumble without you. For a narcissist, this is an ultimate trick to catch you off guard and also making you feel culpable if you would think of leaving them in the future.

4. “I should have listened to the people when they warned me about getting with you.”

They imply that it’s their ultimate sacrifice by letting you into their lives and giving you the benefit of the doubt when everyone in the world is against you. But you should know that they are using this trick as a lie because there are many people around you who love you and will do anything just to make you happy.

5. “I am completely unable to understand why you’re the only one who can’t seem to see the real me.”

They insist by telling you this that you are the only weird one who just don’t seem to understand them when everyone else love and adore them. Truth is that all those people are just blind to their toxicity.

a narcissist

6. “You’re just overreacting at the time.”

Whenever you try to be a little sensitive to the situation, they will harshly attempt to invalidate your feelings. They’ll make it seem that you’re just overreacting and being ungrateful for the great way they are treating you.

7. “I apologize for this time and promise that this will be the last time.”

Apology is a hope for change but you can expect only from those people who don’t do the same mistake again and again. Otherwise, it’s a false security and you might want to snap out of it as soon as you realize that your partner claims this apology time and again.

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