4 Things Are Just I want From You in Our Relationship

Being honest to each other

Honesty is the foundation of a relationship. Sometimes partners please each other by putting up a lie; which is unnecessary. There shall be no lies or obscure feelings at any given moment about any given thing. There will be times when things will bother you, I want from you in our relationship to let me know so we can work together to fix it. In case you want your space and your way to handle the situation, let me know that, too.

If my habit annoys you, talk to me about it. I sometimes act being a critique, if that upsets you then try being truthful to me. I’ll gladly hear the truth from you than to bear your outburst of emotions.

I would rather admire you being open to me and not hiding anything from me. But still If you are keeping something locked in your heart than there must be a better reason to defend it because if I get to know about it in future then you’ll be on a scavenger hunt for a new partner.

Be the way you are

Insecurity is a false alarm. In a relationship partners feel that they are being judged on their habits, behavior, words said, actions done or organizing things. There are chances that I already have judged you but if we are together then that means I probably like you. I might pick apart every little thing you say and do but you should stay yourself.

Being said, don’t act idiot or cool for the sake of leaving an impression on me. I chose you because I know you are stupid. In order to get my attention, there is no need to broach topics which you are ignorant.

I will never think of you “embarrassing” me in front of my family, my friends, or complete strangers, rather I’ll be if you will try to be somebody else. I like the way you are and that’s why we have this relationship of ours.

When I say you are perfect, I mean that truly from heart. Your imperfections are unique characteristics, embrace those quirks and idiosyncrasies

Don’t stop me for being myself

I am not a simple person. I’m difficult and stubborn that will make you uncomfortable and I do things which make me uncomfortable, too. Allow me to make mistakes and do things that will bring progress in me as a person.

I want your support for the things I am passionate about. We might disagree with my beliefs, but at least encourage me to stand strong on what I believe and stay true to myself. I shall understand things when you will push me to grow as a person and will stand by side to improve the world around me.

Suggest me to stay persistent in times to solve a problem. I want your assurance that I can do it, whatever it may be, but try to wake me up and comfort me when I can’t. Your attention is what I want when I’m talking to you.

I want from you in our relationship to encourage me to grow

Tell me when I’m wrong and when not making sense. Call me out when I’m being a hypocrite and encourage me to expand my horizons. Push me to experience new adventures or different ways of life and step out of my comfort zone.

Remind me to not make the same mistake and if I’m being too stubborn then encourage me to grow.

Convince me to be optimistic when I’m being over analyzing situation, resulting in apparent pessimism. Push me to dream big but don’t let me go too far that I forget my ground.