How to keep a guy interested in you?

Loving someone is easy, making someone love you is difficult and making sure that your guy stays in love with you for longer is the most difficult and tricky thing. Today you will learn some really easy yet workable ways that can help you keep your guy into you. Basically there are no pet rules or any formula derived that can be used here. It is just an emotional game. Whoever plays it well, wins it.

Be available and approachable

It is proved that women, who are remain approachable and are readily available for their men, enjoys successful and long lasting relationships. Guys want their girls to be available when they want any emotional or physical contact. In this way, their interest in their girls stays alive and becomes stronger day by day.

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Make him realize that you care

If your boyfriend calls you, then it is good, but don’t be confident enough of this. You also have to show your concern back. Whenever he is out or away from you, do give him at least one call and ask about him. It will keep you in his heart and he will get assurance that you do care.

Don’t become his mother

Guys do not like to be dictated by their girlfriends. In simple words, never try to become her mother. It means that to keep him interested in you, it is better to avoid any dictation. He would get sick and tired of you if you will keep directing him.

Praise him

You might be thinking that girls like praising and compliments but it is not true guys also like to hear compliments from their girlfriends. In this way they remain closer to the girls.

Be slow and steady

If you want your guy to stay in love with you for longer, then take a slow and steady approach. Never be in haste to establish a strong bond. Understand him and let him understand you well.

Avoid comparison

Every person has strengths and weaknesses. If you really love your guy and want him to love you, then accept him the way he is. Never pinpoint his weaknesses by comparing him with another guy. This can be the most damaging act to your relationship.