How does one know if a Scorpio woman is in love?

A woman no matter of what zodiac sign is always difficult to understand. However the real challenge is to know if a Scorpio woman is in love. She is a closed book which cannot be read. This mystery can be even more intriguing. Moreover every step that you take to gain her attention, you will have to be careful so as not to push her away. It is important that you understand her feelings fully before making any moves. You don’t want to mistake her sexual appeal with a love interest. You have to make sure that she feels you are worthy of her love. Luckily there are some tips through which you can solve this confusion and only after that take a step. Make sure you read and understand these signs carefully and look for these in the woman you are interested in.

1. You are the one person she is focused on:

A Scorpio woman gets distracted very easily. If she is paying attention to you that means you mean something to her. If a Scorpio woman is listening to you and not getting bored, it means you are special for her. If this is the case then make sure you are also entirely focused on her.

2. She makes eye contact when in conversation with you:

While talking to someone, a Scorpio woman tries to look here and there rather than looking directly at them. This is because they do not want their feelings to be shown. However do pay attention to her eyes. If they are right at you, then this may mean she is interested in you. This can mean that she wants you to look inside of her and get her feelings.

3. She lets you in:

If a Scorpio woman is telling you all her personal stories, if she is letting you in her life and if she is putting her trust in you, then this is something to take hold of. This means that she is interested in you. These are things very close to her heart that she won’t tell anyone except those who are near and dear to her.

4. She is always there for you:

If a Scorpio woman thinks of you as her special someone, she will make sure never to say no to you whenever you ask for her time. She will always be there when you make a plan. No matter how busy she is, she will make time for you. She will make sure not to be unavailable. She will show you that you are important to her by accepting all your invites.

5. She quickly replies to your messages:

Not everyone always has their phones in their hands. Same is the case with a Scorpio woman. However, if she is replying to your texts and messages quickly, this means she is showing interest in you. This way she is trying to tell you that she wants more than just friendship with you.

6. You feel comfortable with her:

If a Scorpio woman loves you, she will make you feel her love. She will care for you and make you feel at ease with her. She will try to get you to be intimate with her. She will try to make you open up to her and share your problems and issues with her.

7. You can sense a bit of protectiveness in her:

A Scorpio woman will be over sensitive about you when it comes to other girls. She will not like it when you talk or mingle around with other woman.

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