Relationship is an investment which gives long-term profits only when partners put in their mutual love, commitment, compassion, time and patience. Compatibility of values, personalities and goals, is important to craft an ideal relationship. Apart from compatibility, there are other elements that need to fit in place for a healthy relationship. Many couples claim that there are secrets to a successful relationship perhaps a formula to ensure it. In reality, there is no secret formula just a matter of trying your best and give in everything wholeheartedly.

As said earlier, there is no recipe to a perfect relationship but a few qualities that are necessary in order to live healthiest kinds of relationships.

1. Trust your partner

Trust binds everything together once it’s lost there will never be a satisfied relationship. First thing that needs to be developed in a relationship, is to trust someone. People rely on each other when they are in a relationship. Trust is a comfort zone to ensure that you are in safe hands. If you can’t trust a person there is no reason to continue further.

2. Commitment is important than anything else

Relationship demands total commitment. You need to immerse yourself completely in nurturing and developing your relationship. You can’t expect success without committing yourself with the task on hand or any life endeavor you go for.

3. Honesty is important for a healthy relationship 

Two people in a relationship should be honest about each other and everything that may be significant in their lives. If a person is hiding things then it indicates you are not worthy enough to deserve the truth. Honesty increases the value of a person in a relationship. It is an expression of love and telling your partner that how much importance he/she has in your life.

4. Do something exciting and out of routine

Your relationship must have room for adventure, excitement and impulsiveness. Out of two people, one person should have an adventurous flair to shake things a little every now and then. Adventure works like a spice in life. It is a way to reboot your system once in a while by trying a new sport, exploring a new place or doing interesting activities as a couple.

5. Smile and laugh together, often

Life should not be boring and without lighter moments. A happy couple spends moments of joy and laughter more than moments of sadness and worry. Though, time is hard but you two together can pass this time by sharing smiles and a good sense of humor. It keeps relationship alive.

6. Freedom to pursue individual desires

It should be pretty clear from the beginning that relationship will demand compromise of personal time and space. Partners should openly discuss this matter before committing to a relationship. They have to let go of various chunks of the life they have been living before to make new rules. But this does not mean that they can’t have freedom to pursue their individual desires. In fact, partners who understand each other support each other’s individual goals in life.

7. Be friends forever

Lovers who are friends too can have the healthiest relationship and which may last long. A relationship that goes along with friendship has the power to help pick each other when there are tough times.