Let your man go if he wants to, don’t force him to stay

We desire for a stable relationship and a perfect guy in our life but sometimes, circumstances are not favorable to get the perfect guy of our imagination. Perfection may also lead to disappointment when the perfect guy we have been living with suddenly shows indifference. Even when the guy we wish for in dreams finally comes into life, he turns out to be a different person in real life. In such scenarios, don’t force him to stay and let him go because if he loves you then he will retreat his to you otherwise delete his chapter from your life.

Men and women have different emotional capacities. Women work their way through life with emotional stability but men are entirely different and look for adventures as an escape from emotional drama.

Women have mood swings or fits of temper during pregnancy period but you will be amazed to know that men have more abrupt mood swings in normal course of life. They ask for break and it doesn’t mean that they are looking for excuses to breakup rather they mull over choices they have and make decisions for the future.

Compatibility also plays its part when you may think him the right person in the beginning but after spending some time together you realize he may not a fun person to be around. At that time, don’t try to force him to stay, or it will make you appear needy in his eyes. Let him go and analyze your life without him then you will get a clear idea about your life.

Your life is not ended if your man needs a break from your relationship. You have to try to keep yourself stable emotionally, physically, and socially. It will be a more depressed situation for you to get wasted after your man asks for break and find yourself in a dump than act in a realistic manner. Be strong, his absence won’t be the end of the world!

If you are looking for some tips to survive after the traumatic experience, try the following:

1. You will soon get the best


The current situation will make you believe that you have struck by biggest tragedy of your life. Reality is entirely different from what you are thinking of, wait for your destiny to fill your life with bliss and happiness again.

2. Meditation or relaxing exercises will bring emotional stability


In an emotional trauma, you steer away from the bigger purpose in life, meditation will help you to restore and reconnect with peace. It will also bring emotional stability and relaxing exercise will give back your strength. The most effective form of meditation is yoga and you don’t have to go anywhere to learn its form, you can do it in the premises of your house by watching yoga tutorials on You Tube.

3. Indulge in activities that you have stopped doing before


You may have hobbies that you can’t keep up with in your relationship. So, this is the right time to start everything that you have stopped earlier. Go for shopping, buy new curtains for your room, overhaul your furniture, read books, watch movies, or go to your favorite food place. You should catch up all that you like doing in life.

4. Get along with your best friends more


There is no best time than the time you spend with your best friends. Share laughter or even cry out in front of them, but your best friends will never leave you on your own. They will surely do something that will make you feel emotionally stable.