11 Things Your Man Does To Tell You He Is Falling In Love For You

Men can be like onions-layers upon layers-not revealing their true emotions; needless to say they think they will be vulnerable.  But there are some other men-rare breed- who is not so much complex and could easily express their feelings. It may be easy sometimes for women to get to the core of her man’s heart. Other times, it is difficult to tell if he is in love or not but these 11 things your man does to tell you he is falling in love for you will give you a clear idea:

1. He never hesitates to hold your purse

Have you ever seen a man holding his spouse or girlfriend’s purse during shopping? This coincidence happens rare and if your man never hesitates in holding your bag in public then girl he is pushing all the concerns and worries away and expressing his true emotions for you.

2. He shops for your personal products

Men don’t want to feel awkward at any place therefore they won’t admit ever to go on shopping and especially when they’d asked to shop for feminine hygiene products. But when he is falling for you then you could ask him anything and they will not disappoint you by saying no, to earn your affection.

3. He knows your likes and dislikes

Even after several months of your relationship, he will never cease to amaze you with birthday surprise, bi-monthly or tri-monthly anniversary celebrations. He is making effort to learn all your favorites and dislikes as you are important to him and he wants to be a fan boy of your life.

4. He will never miss a chance to sing your praise

You are his precious relation and he will admit that in public and alone to you too. He will always sing your praise in gatherings as you are the most amazing person that has ever come in his life and he would never be going to find another.

5. He’s all ears when you talk

He listens to your every word as there is no other important matter on hand than you for him. He never wants to lose his attention on you therefore you will find him giving full attention to whatever you are talking to him.

He Is Falling In Love for You

6. Your man teases you a bit to tell you he is falling in love for you

His way of affection would be to start a fire by striking little sparks and would love to see you tease him in return. This is how guys do to express their love and care for you.

7. Your happiness counts more than his own

If your one tense phone call will move him to come your way even if he is miles away then there is no doubt that he is seriously falling in love for you. He will make sure that you stay happy and calm even if that causes him to make a little sacrifice.

8. He will make small things super special

Your favorite restaurant or ice-cream place is on another corner of the city but you crave for it. There will be no other way to deduce his love for you if he is ready to take you at your favorite place whenever you say. He will go an extra mile to win your heart.

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9. He thinks you are perfect in any shape or size

He is indeed your true lover when he says you are beautiful even when you look like a train wreck just happened. He won’t demand of you to look like a ramp model at all the time. His flattery will make you feel the most beautiful woman of the world even when you aren’t.

10. Your family is his family

He will care about your family and friends the way you care about them. He will respect the integrity of each and every member that is related to you and will make sure that no harm will be done to them through him. His affection to your loved ones is the way of showing his care and protection towards you which he will never compromise.

11. He will lower his emotional guard down

As discussed earlier, guys have their emotional guard so that they won’t feel vulnerable or weak in front of others. When he really loves you he will take that armor off and will let himself weak in front of you. This way they will put their trust completely in you as they know that you will not take advantage of it.