Only a Genuine Man Understands That One Woman Is Enough

Read on to enjoy some interesting relationship quotes.

You are both lovers and best friends

What’s the purpose of love if you can’t have a great time? What’s the purpose of having a partner if you can’t giggle with each other and at each other without being harmed? Love is open, love is excellent. Act like closest companions and darlings in the meantime, it’ll be the best thing you’ll encounter.

Treats you as if you are perfect

Nobody is perfect. And it is not compulsory to be perfect. This is who we are. And a real man knows that, find such a man who treats you like a queen and accepts all your flaws.

If you can’t handle someone at their worst, then you don’t deserve them at their best

Life is about ups and downs. People feel lonely, they want a shoulder to cry on when they are low. They suffer. But having someone beside you gives hope and allow you to move on. Who forgets you in your downs doesn’t love you.

Someone who values you

When you mean the world to someone, it’s the best thing ever. Because it shows how much other person values you. It shows that they want you and you are important.

Be someone who does not hurt you

Love knows no limits, nobody can simply quit cherishing like an on and off switch. In any case, everybody has their breaking points and they can just take it to some degree before they at last surrender in and give. Nobody needs to be lied, yet the world is an unfeeling spot and we gain from our mistakes and our decisions.

Mistakes are not always bad

We all make mistakes and it’s natural, but mistakes are not always bad because it comes with lessons. So, loving a wrong person can be your mistake, but it left some lessons too, which can lead to a right person and a true love.

Never stop dating

I don’t see how people say, “marriage is exhausting” so effectively and remain by that announcement. Marriage is the best thing ever. Date constantly, put constant efforts for each other, dress constantly up and have a great time.

Marry your best friend

Marrying your best friend is the best thing ever. A closest friend is somebody we are the most open to, who has seen our worst and good sides, who knows how to handle us.  Marrying your best friend can make your life just better.

Only a genuine man understands that one woman is enough

A real man doesn’t want anybody else except his woman. Except the woman he loves unconditionally. He doesn’t want any other woman to stare at him or he doesn’t enjoy the company of someone else. For him his partner, only this one woman is enough.