Four Reasons for a wife to leave her Husband

Keeping marriages everlasting is a difficult thing to do as now so many factors have made relationships so complicated that keeping marriages for long time seems to be a difficult task. In relationships both men and women are equally responsible to make long lasting marriages but this is changing now as either of two people in a relationship, leaves the marriage on some firm cause or even at times on lame excuses. There are different reasons for men leaving the marriage as compare to women. Men are reported to leave women on several basis but most popular among these reasons are the lack of intimacy or simply men finding other woman more interesting than their own partner. Such factors become the ultimate cause for marriages to not last longer in the case of men. But under one research it has been shown that women leave men two third time more than men do. They have their own unique reasons that are different from men and these are discussed below.

No or Less Emotional Connection

Men like being close to their wives through intimacy and they think it as the important for long lasting marriages. But women give first preference to build a healthy emotional connection with their partner before they get ready for any sort of intimacy. Women seeking companionship outside their marriage is mostly because they found their relationship to be devoid of emotional connection. In search of this connection, women prefer leaving their husband to have someone with whom they can develop this emotional link. Good husbands are always good at knowing what their wives want and think about them.

Finance Issues

It is not that women leave their partners in financially weak position rather wives protest and feel irritated on how the finances of house are being managed by their partner. Spouse may be of belief that saving money is better than spending freely or vice versa. Whatever the case may be, if there are clash in the minds of both then there is little which can be done to make it long lasting marriage.

Awkward Behaviour

If husband exhibit awkward behaviour such as being away from house for days and not giving time to wife and family can actually make wife resentful. Women are seen to grow in anger if they feel that their partners don’t care about the family. Such awkward behaviour can act as impediments to acquire status of long lasting marriages.

Unable to Solve Conflicts

Women are reported to leave marriages if they feel that their partner has the tendency of aggravating the conflicts rather than trying to solve the conflict on some strong grounds. Such attitude can make wife to go out of house to look for better viable option to develop a long lasting marriage. Better communication can certainly help partners to increase the time period of successful marriage life.