9 Ways To Say Your Feelings In Words And He Will Surely Like It

Be open to your partner is what we hear a lot but not all the details are relevant to spit out in front of your guy. Choice of words, tone of your voice, feelings, and how much do you want him to know are the imperative factors to thrive and survive good communication in your relationship.

Talking is not enough to tell your man about your feelings of love and care. Talking can be random however a thoughtful conversation to build intimacy as a couple is important. You want to tell you man about your emotions, try to say your feelings by making sure that the effectiveness of your expression will depend on the choice of words.

You want him to know intensity of your love but you are not connecting with one another on emotional level. You don’t need to master conversation skills but only little detailing into consideration can help you achieve what you want to make him understand in a deep way.

If you feel that you are close to push panic button then relax and consider trying the following ideas coming your way. You need to be willing enough to use these and feel like you are a skilled communicator. Make sure that you are sincere with what you say to him and also believe in your emotions to have that impact you desire.

  1. Will you help me with something I’m unable to do?
    This makes a strong impression in his heart, develops a sense of validation, and makes him believe that he is needed in your life. No doubt, men like to feel needed and when you express this to him then he’ll find a sense of purpose in a relationship with you.
  2. What will I do without you? I really appreciate you are in my life.
    Gratitude works in every situation and appreciation is cherry on top. Little or big, whatever he does for you, you should tell him that it has great importance in your life. This will make him believe that he is not taken for granted.
  3. I want to seize this moment with you, I’m really happy.
    Quality of time is what we all desire as a couple. Time spend well together is the time you always cherish. By telling this to him, he will realize that you value every moment that both of you get to spend together.
  4. No one else can do it, you’re so good at _______.
    Men feed on their insecurities easily but you need to remind him that there are things only he can do and he should be proud of strengths.
  5. You look dapper even in casuals.
    Men like flattery and buttery remarks every now and then. Steal this chance and fluff his ego by telling him that he looks good in every way.
  6. Am I of any help? Let me know anytime.
    Though, men take full control of every aspect of life but they also never mind when someone try to take something off their plate. They will not say when they get overwhelmed with things but they secretly want you to offer your help. Tell him that he can find relief in you.
  7. I accept my mistake and I’m sorry.
    He would desire his girl to stay modest and accept when she is on mistake. Through this way, he will be sure that your pride is not above his place in your life.
  8. I’m stuck and I can’t seem to find a way out, what should I do?
    This will make him realize that his opinion is paramount in your life. He will love sharing his perspective on matters at hand and you will get to his heart.
  9. I will stand by your side in good and bad time.
    He needs reassurance that the girl he loves would support him in thick and thin. Give him security that you’re no fair-weather companion.

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