When You Fall In Love with a Person with Anxiety You Get Sincere Love

Anxiety is a surge of overwhelming emotions so don’t be afraid

when you fall in love with a person with anxiety, you will get sincere love.

Human existence is a miracle in itself with an amazing exploration to emotions and empathy that no other creature experiences on earth. Anxiety is considered to be the weakness of a person, but this should not be forgotten that a person who deals with this condition is being overwhelmed by the feelings.

When you fall in love

People who go through anxiety phases are most worthy of your love because

they feel a lot yet they have no control over it.

When you fall in love with a person who has anxiety issues you don’t realize but that same person is highly sensitive to emotions like, happiness, sadness, excitement, regret, pain, and disappointment than a regular person. They have no control over their emotional space and so their certain state makes other people keeping distance from them when they need them the most.

When you are living with a person with anxiety, you are living with a mind reader. There is no wrong in saying that sensing aura of other people is the additional sense that people with anxiety have, it’s their unique quality. They will understand your feelings before you even say it or use words to describe out loud. Don’t try to hide your emotions because people dealing with anxiety will force an admission out of you and you will have to own up your feelings. They use their unique sense to help you out in an overwhelming phase because they exactly know how important it is to have other people around when you are emotionally down with your vulnerability.

When you fall in love with a person with anxiety, you will get to live with a person who will love you wholeheartedly no matter what others would say about you. Your partner will not be stronger the way you are but you will get to feel compassion and understanding person breathing near you.

It will be hard for you to keep emotional secrets from you partner, who has to endure battles with anxiety, when you are distressed or at your low, this person is going to know whether you’ve had a good day or a bad day just by looking at you. This person might be stressful to be with but you will be allowed to express your deepest emotions.

The person you chose to love might get a little difficult at times as there will be insurgence of overwhelmed emotions but you will soon realize that this person is worth all of that.

What would you think of a person who always cares about your well-being? Will it not be a blessing to have a person who has more important work but has all the time to listen to you when you are heavy at heart? Will it not thaw your heart for a person who is going to watch every step of yours when you’re being careless?

You will fall in love with this person with anxiety that will help you to deal with your demons when this person has plenty of his/her own.