Yes, there are times when she can’t take it anymore. She is stressed, tired and exhausted and she wants to quit and run away from everything. This the time when she needs you the most. She wants you to be with her and encourage her. Tell her that she is amazing and everything she does is perfect. Have a look at these tips to get some more help.

Be no stranger to her responsibilities

Whether a housewife or working wife, do you know what your wife does all day? Maybe not. So, ask her about her duties and how she handles it. Be grateful for the sacrifices that she makes just to make you and your kids’ life smooth.

Do it now.

Help her now, get involved now. Don’t wait for tomorrow or don’t wait until she breaks down.

Be a helping hand

Taking care of kids or to make your marriage work is not just her duty. She needs you because it all take two to run a house. So, get involved in family matters. Be a helping hand to her.

Just listen

Don’t try to fix her problems every time. Maybe she knows the solution but still she is telling all the stuff because all she wants is, you listen. So, just listen.

Hold her

Spend some time alone with her. No interruption at all, holds her close and assure her how much you love her. Comfort her, just to make her realize she is doing great.

Let her talk

Let her talk. Let her spit out every tension or frustration she is holding back in her heart. Listen to her carefully and be focused. And don’t ask her to stop.

Be a friend

Be a friend, a partner and a lover to each other. Marriage is not something living a different life under one roof. It’s to share each other life, supporting and encouraging each other. Be a companion.

Provide her hope

Appreciate her. Tell her what you love about her. Be a positive vibe to her. Lighten her up with your sweetness and love. Never let her quit. Always give her hope to stand again and move on.

Be useful

Try to share her responsibilities. Be useful to her, don’t wait for her to ask for help. Do it on your own.

Give her some alone time

Ask her to have a day off from all her routine work. So, she can have her own time where she can relax and can think about herself. Give her a break from all the stress.

Keep her in your prayers

Just before sleeping, sit together and pray. Pray for her and tell her how lucky you are to have her. Thank God for such a wonderful wife and pray that you both always stay together.

Ask her how to lift her up.

She knows how you can encourage her or reset her when she is on the verge of quitting so just ask her. This will make her feel good. And she is very thankful to God that you are with her.