The effect of Technology on a Growing Child Today

Debatable among an assortment of child development platforms, the effect of Technology on a growing Child today is an emerging issue to overcome various setbacks that might harm the cognitive development of a child. Heavy influx of technological gadgets, like: iPad, iPod, tablets, and X-box, has raised an alarming notion in minds of researchers to gauge the affects of such technology among masses. Children of every age, currently, indulge in one of such hi-tech devices and risks are being attached mostly with the age group lies between 3-10 years.

One group of researchers proposes the effect of Technology on a growing Child today as a disoriented mean to indulge or take control of independently. While on the other side, some facts reflect a preferable approach about technological impacts on children.

Nothing comes in this world with 100% positives or 0% negatives. The stability around your child’s environment depends totally on your appropriate decisions at exact time. Far-away stretched liberty presides in your decorum of life style or tightly bound set of rules to suppress even fulfillment of basic needs, are both ways unacceptable by human nature.

Technological gadgets may appear to provide both advantages and imbalances to its usage. Childs psychologists have been considered in every age and time about children’s mental and physical growth and harmful effects of technology to hinder the levels of intensification. Fanaticism in the world of touch-sensitive screens and investing hours of a day using iPads or tablets arise dubious opinions related to slower motor skills of adolescence and to lower the intellect of a kid. While on the flip side, researchers feel that engaging with the interactive apps, provided by hi-tech tools, may result in vast access to information and fast learning abilities via visual learning.

It is certainly undeniable truth that children having technological gadgets at an early age may tend to distant themselves from physical motions and body muscle movements. Staying in front of screen, whether desktop or handheld portables, takes away the charm of being in the field and show some excellent moves in outdoor field games. People, who connect with the old-school playing fields and different sort of games, like: soccer, running, skipping, sports, and fictional story imagination, are more against with the indulgence of touch-screen devices.

Apart from many problematic issues, people relate with the effect of technology presiding in our environment, many school of thoughts believe and rely on the possibility that technological tools can escalate the mental capability one can ever imagine before. Globally, under a variety of education systems, interactive technological gadgets have been taking placing of traditional learning methodologies to make children adept with the subjects and information available online to acquire the gist of concepts clearly. Undoubtedly, the perspective of fetching copious information regarding a single scientific or mathematical concept is easier to comply with when students explore various degrees of work researched extensively.

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