Easily Understandable Men’s Mind Games by Women

Fortunately or unfortunately mind games have been played since the day man has been sent on earth. There are several purposes for which such games have been played over the centuries. The negative part or the darker side of mind games is that one, which is played by men on women. Yes, men play tricky mental games on women either to win them or just to tease them. Today you will learn the easiest way of understanding and dealing with the games that men usually play.

For the satisfaction of ego

According to many researches done on men, it is proved that men intensely and aggressively want to be loved and adored. They want their women to get impressed and influenced by them. This is the reason, why they like to play mind games on women. In this way, women stay under their influence and stay closer to them. When women comes in their influence, men get satisfied to the fullest.

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Finding someone on whom they can exert their feeling of discomfort

Men can never be satisfied if they are failing in one part of their life. Therefore, they only find women, as a weak and easier target on whom they can put pressure in any way can get a feeling of discomfort. In this way, they exhaust their feeling of failure on someone, who does not even know the real picture.

Just to prove themselves impact and attractive

Men who play mind games on women, they sometimes want to test their abilities. They want to check if they can attract a woman or not. Basically, in this care they have nothing to do with the emotion of girls. This game is really not good at all, as at the end a woman is hurt out of it.

Love taking challenges

It is in the nature of men that they like to take challenges and then prove themselves to be victorious. They do the same in the case of their relationship with women. They play games on women to prove themselves victorious. In this case, they go to any extent in order to attract a woman and make her fall in love. In this way, a man feels victorious that he did what he wanted.