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7 Ways to Get Closer To Your Partner without Moving Too Fast In Relationship

get closer to your partner

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7 Ways to Get Closer To Your Partner without Moving Too Fast In Relationship

After some time, it’s important to get closer to your partner or else your relationship won’t go any further. It will stay where it is. But often when you are trying to be close to your partner it looks like you are too desperate or needy. And obviously nobody wants to look too clingy or desperate. So, without moving too fast and without appearing desperate you still can get close to your partner. How? Scroll down.

7. Be kind, but set your limits

You can show kindness in any way just be generous. When you love some someone, a gift is never a bad idea but don’t spend too much on it. Be in your limits. You just want to show your partner that you care for them over priced gifts will only make them uncomfortable.

6. Minimum texting

Especially when relationships are new, couple wants to talk all day and do this by texting all time. This is not healthy relationship also it unethical. There should be minimum and thoughtful texting especially during day time. Focus on your work and talk to each other when you are free or when you come back home. This will bring you closer to each other.

5. Have a break

Spending time apart and as well as together is healthy for your relationship. Your world shouldn’t revolve just around your partner. A break and your personal time is important. Let them miss you a little bit and this will bring you close to each other.

4. Focus on knowing, not planning

Focus on knowing each other, each other’s likes dislikes and a lot more. Don’t bring what you want from a relationship. Don’t talk about where you want to go for honeymoon or where you want to get married. Just live the moment don’t start planning everything, it’s so soon. Knowing each other and getting close to each other is more important.

3. Don’t fight every time

Fighting is obvious when two individuals get together. There’s no assurance that you two would be any extraordinary. In any case, you have to know when a subject is worth fighting for, and when it’s smarter to simply give up. There’s nothing in a relationship if there isn’t trust and adjustments.

2. Select your language

According to experts there are five languages of love they are, Quality Time, Acts of Service, Gifts, Physical Touching, and Words of Affirmation. You and your partner might be using all language at the beginning of your relationship but then choose a language, the one to which your partner connects the most. Try to figure out which one is that language. It would require a lot of effort, but your effort won’t be useless at the end.

1. Respect some silence

Silence is not always alarming. If your partner has not reply to your text or if your partner didn’t call back then it doesn’t mean that something is wrong, they might be busy at that time and you should be prepared to wait. You should learn when they are busy you should not disturb them.

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