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I choose you and I’ll Fight for You, But Never Expect If I Fight for You to Stay

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Love and Relationship

I choose you and I’ll Fight for You, But Never Expect If I Fight for You to Stay

Our relationship will only go a long way when you are willing to try hard the same way I do. Things between us will work only when you will make genuine efforts to stay in my life because I choose you and I’ll fight for you, but never expect if I fight for you to stay. Our relationship demands devotion, commitment, time, and effort, and if you will give all of it then I am going to do so, too.

Our expectations from the relationship will only be fulfilled when both of us will make sure to try our best and go above and beyond what is normal. I believe in giving more than what I am receiving but I will never settle for mediocrity.

I am aware of the necessity of gratitude and appreciation in our relationship and you will always be on the receiving end whenever I feel that you need to be appreciated for everything that you do for me. I know little appreciative gestures and words motivate partners to do more for their relationship and I would make sure that you will never feel deprived for my thankfulness. I would want to know that you have special place for what I am doing for you. The more comfortably you express yourself to me the more able I am become to do more for you.

I chose you as my partner and this gives me responsibility to take care of you from harm that comes your way and defend you from everyone and anything that might inflict damage to you. You will find me holding your hand in difficult time or whenever you’re scared. Your well-being will be the utmost priority in my life and no matter how difficult circumstances would be I am going to stand by your side. I am going to be your biggest support, will act as your eyes and ears if you need me to be but I will need to have the same kind of security from you. I’ll stumble, I’ll break down, and I’ll be terrified and in that I need to know if someone else will be staying by my side  then I’ll be willing to become the person you desire for you.

I shall try to make conscious decisions with optimistic approach and I hope that you are also someone who carries the same attitude. I chose you as my partner and I’m willing to give everything to our relationship because I see potential in us together but I desire the same confidence from you and I want you to feel the same from our future.

I would never be a reckless person to destroy our relationship on trivial issues and I would make sure that your dignity and sanctity of our relationship stay intact. I will be loyal to you as long as we are together and I will hope you to stay loyal to me. I’ll never think of bringing your vulnerabilities under question and the same I want from you.

My love will be an unfailing fervor and I’ll take care of your heart and feelings but I ask the same dedication from you. Yes, it’s a lot that I’m asking but I’m giving everything that is under my will and strength and I hope that you reciprocate in the same manner. I choose you and I’ll fight for you, but never expect if I fight for you to stay because that is what you have to make an effort for.

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