He Has Cheated On You, Will You Give Him A Second Chance?

Would you accept cheating a wander zone, a momentary lapse? Or, you are among women who say their love makes them strong and they will forgive once he gets back because their love is powerful and pure. Will giving him a second chance be that easy to forget his disloyalty? While, you’ve been trying everything to save your relationship and being completely loyal, he was somewhere else with someone mocking you and bringing shame on your relationship. It’s hard to think about the situation in which he has cheated on you and it’s not easy to allow him to come back in your life after failure in the other relationship.

Let’s analyze two opinions on cheating, should give a second chance and shouldn’t give a second chance and see which one gets highest votes:

You shouldn’t give him a second chance

1) It will still be a scar that never fades


Cheating is like a scar on your trust and it’s permanent. This treachery in the relationship is a sin that is not easily forgotten. What are the chances he will never stray again? Trust was your pillar and he has broken it. It’s not easy to snap out of emotions and thoughts of imagining him with someone else. He wants to come back, he apologizes many times, but the pieces of your life have fallen out of place and they’ll take some time to come together.

2) He will not respect you the same way


If a guy has cheated on you, it means he has severed the bond between you two in which he has given you respect. His urge to be with someone else surmounts the bond he built with you. You are not in a position to give him leeway for his future miscellaneous activities.

3) Taking him back in your life could pose a risk on your health


Throughout the time he’s been cheating, you didn’t know the person he was involved with and now when he wants to come back, you have to think of numerous risks that he could bring onto your life. Mental pressure is the one big dilemma and physical health is the other one. He could get caught into diseases from other woman and you are not ready to take that risk.

You should give him a second chance

1) It was a momentary lapse, he’s regretting day and night


You can see he is suffering days and nights because he couldn’t control himself in the weak moment with someone else. There may be another reason he has attracted to the other woman and that was the distance you’ve created between you two and was adamant to keep it that way. He caught up in a momentary lapse but he’s regretting every bit of it, there is still you in his heart.

2) You don’t want to live by “what if”


“What if” could plant a seed of repentance in your heart and later it would prick you deep. At some point of life you might stick to a thought that living past his cheating would not be that difficult and unforgiveable.

3) You two took a break from each other


Well, you didn’t realize but you two were on break from each other when he lured towards the other person. It was your mutual decision to take a break and start looking for different avenues so you two could part ways peacefully. But he realized that he couldn’t be with anyone than you so he comes back. You should accept this fact that he still loves you therefore he wants to stay in your life.