We often see many couples who are on on-off journey of their relationship. This is just because they just can’t figure out what’s the position of their relationship. And that are worst type of relationship. Do you want to be such couple? I guess never, so, just to save your heart from breaking away again and again see how many chances he deserves based on your zodiac sign.

16. Aries: If it was emotionally, he deserves another chance

Aries can be irritable which can prompt their relations breaking very easily. So, he deserves another chance if you took this decision being emotional.

15. Taurus: 100 more chance?

You are very sincere in your relationship so, if your partner cheats on you then you become total heartless and don’t allow anybody to enter in your life. But give him another that you never want to give.

14. Gemini: You give a lot of chances

You are an over thinker and you change your mind very quickly so that’s why you give thousands of chances. For you there is an advice that when you take a decision you should stay firm on it.

13. How to know if he’s air sign

Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are air signs, they are very smart so giving them another chance will be very useful as you can find the problem.

12. Cancer: Cut them lose instantly

Cancer is extremely passionate and furthermore exceptionally thoughtful. Giving a considerable measure of opportunities to individuals who treat you terribly, nothing ought to persuade you to give your inclination a chance to get played around with.

11. Leo: Chances to worthy people

You are dominating and self-centered, but this is good for you because nobody can ever use you. You’ll only give second chance to the one who you think is worthy of it.

10. Virgo: Don’t linger on

You try and put every effort to save your relationship. But this is not good, as soon as you realize that you’re done with your partner you should not linger on the relationship.

9. Things to see if he’s earth

Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are earth sign they are very stubborn and difficult to handle. So, think very carefully before giving them second chance.

8. Libra: No more chances

You are the young lady everyone loves to hang out with, adoration to work with and you are the young lady he would exploit. You’re the queen of second chances.

7. Scorpio: Second chances are difficult

You are a hidden and an enthusiastic young lady. You tend to give another opportunity yet never believe the individual again.

6. Sagittarius: Is he giving you second chances

What’s finish for you is finished. You like to look forward and don’t believe in staying in the past.

5. How to know that he is a water sign

Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are water sign. They are very expressive and are attached to their emotions.

4. Capricorn: don’t give more chances

You cherish having the high ground in the connection and need your sweetheart to commit errors. Makes you feel glad and happy.

3. Aquarius: You don’t give emotional chances

You take decisions from your mind and keep your heart aside. It’s good for you because this keeps you away unhealthy relations.

2. Pisces: Forgets realities

You’re very sensitive which makes you forget the bad that happen with you and you give a lot of chances.

1. He’s fire sign or not?

Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are fire sign and they can do anything for what they have decided once so if they ask for second chance give them.

Preview Pic Via: Henn Kim