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15 Dangerous Yet Attractive Zodiac Combos You Need to Know

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15 Dangerous Yet Attractive Zodiac Combos You Need to Know

You met someone, you were attracted towards them and you start dating. But how do you know that the person you are dating is worth your time. There are many people who are incredibly attractive. But sometimes this attractiveness and charm are temporary because you can’t get along with that person in the long term.

Why? Because sometimes your stars don’t allow you to do that. Read below.

15. Taurus &Libra: A Special Romantic Flair Can’t Sustain a Long-Term Relationship

A Taurus person is very beautiful and that’s what attracts a Libra person. However, Libra people can’t resist the urge to look at other people. And they find other people attractive as well, which make Taurus jealous.

14. Cancer & Leo: They fail due to a lot of arguments.

As both the Cancer and Leo are passionate signs, and maybe that’s the problem. Leo is much more energetic, which can be a trouble for Cancer as they are soft and sensitive people.

13. Aquarius & Pisces: They get along, but not for long

Pisces is persistently looking for love while Aquarius is not that emotional. And that’s what the problem is. That is why it’s not a forever relationship.

12. Aries & Scorpio: A Steamy Love Affair Can Only Make a Relationship Go So Far

Both stars are ruled by Mars intimacy is their first priority. And when they are in a relationship, it’s difficult to keep aggression aside. Scorpio is also ruled by Pluto and Pluto makes dangerous relationships.

11. Libra & Pisces: Only a fantasy, can’t be reality

They can be very romantic with each other at the beginning, but their future is totally dark. They don’t have a future together because as life gets hard their compatibility fails.

10. Leo & Taurus: Compassionate and touchy

This couple is the most annoying couple. Leo wants to explore the world while Taurus wants to have simple comfortable life. They fail to cope with the hard times.

9. Sagittarius & Virgo: Drive one another crazy at the end.

They will be good to each other only at the start and then with time they will be a mess to each other. Virgo will force Sagittarius to have some fun, but Sagittarius will cherish its alone time.

8. Capricorn & Aquarius: A Special Bond That Is Purely Physical In Nature

There is no way they will stick together for a long time. They are the couple with no strings attached. They don’t share any common interest.

7. Cancer & Gemini: Mood swings for one are unbearable for another

Cancer is one who enjoys staying at home, whereas Gemini can’t stay in one place for a long time. These only can only have future together if they accept each other flaws.

6. Aquarius & Scorpio: Sparks eventually fades away

Aquarius is a mysterious sort of people and Scorpio likes to solve mysteries. So, they attract as Scorpio has fun finding about Aquarius. But this mystery solving is only fun initially

5. Libra & Scorpio: Without Much Attention, This Combination Is Doomed to Last

This couple is very admirable at the start, but when life starts to show them bad days they fall apart miserably.

4. Aries & Cancer: There is no protection ever

This combo is a big no. An Aries person is passionate and extremely romantic. Whereas Cancer is not that active and love to move slow and steady.

3. Pisces & Sagittarius: they depend on external forces

They are so into each other that they don’t even realize this excitement will fade with time and they are not meant for each other in the long term.

2. Leo & Capricorn: Status and social power

The sparks are obviously there, but with time both realize that it won’t work. A Capricorn being reserved will criticize whatever Leo will do.

1. Aries & Capricorn: A Power Couple Is Only As Good As Its Weakest Link

This couple has no happy ending. Capricorn is a lot more conservative than Aries. Whereas an Aries person is someone who love to go with the flow of life.

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