10 Simple Things By A Woman Which Make Him Really Happy

Men lives in their shell, often they break out of it and express what they wish for and feel in life. An unwanted struggle keeps a man and woman away from expressing their expression of love in a relationship. Men in their drive to make living comfortable can’t convey their emotions and women at the other end believe that he is not happy. There are things impacting positively and negatively on men and they hardly speak of those, hence women find it hard to know what resides in his heart. Fortunately, a man gets really happy when his woman does the simple things which make him really happy.

1. He loves you messing with his hair.

He may cringe but he loves when you thread your fingers in his hair. He may give you a look like he does not like it but inside he loves that and he wish you don’t stop doing it.

2. He loves it when you act the jealous girlfriend.

When you act like a possessive and jealous girlfriend, you can’t imagine how much satisfaction pouring in his heart. You are being overprotective of him makes him understand that he means to you.

3. He loves it when you make effort to befriend his friends.

His friends have great value in his life and he loves you when you make effort taking care of them in a way he does for them as well.  It makes him feel proud that you are his partner.

4. He loves it when he gets a text from you saying “you miss him.”

He may be far away from home, working tirelessly, and when he forgets everything, your text saying ‘you miss him’ brings him back to you. He may not tell you but that moment even far away is an intimate moment he can feel in his heart.

5. He loves it when you stare at him from the corner of your eye.

He couldn’t tell you but he could see you checking him out and staring from the corner of your eye. He knows you admire his aesthetics and this makes him feel special.

6. He loves it when you value his opinion on matters in your life.

It makes him fall crazy for you when you sincerely ask him for his opinion and give importance to his stance. He could understand this way that he and his opinion really matters to you.

7. He loves your calmness and maturity.

It’s not a cup of everyone’s tea to remain calm in tense situations. Women overreact mostly in difficult moments but he knows that you are mature enough to understand and react appropriately. He has a lot of respect for you when you handle any situation with calmness and maturity.

8. He loves your sense of humor and when you act silly with him.

He loves a loud laughter with you. He loves to see you acting silly with him. Your sprightly nature makes him a happy person.

9. He loves it when you don’t care while eating.

The way you eat is very personal and often people hesitate eating in crowd to avoid how they look. But your man loves seeing you having hearty appetite. He loves you when you don’t count calories in every bite and let yourself loose every once in a while.

10. He loves you taking interest in his hobbies.

He doesn’t express much but when you step up to explore world with him or involve with him in his hobbies, he feels that he is the luckiest man alive on earth.

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