9 Women Will Talk Their Heart Out When They Realized Their Relationship Was Over

It’s very difficult and painful to accept a new perspective when something has been part of your life which is detrimental. You would want to pass over but there is one thing that just keeps nagging you and that is society. You don’t want to fall victim of the newest gossips. You are just too afraid to tread on the path of heartbreaking separation and this is also a reason to not take the new perspective.

An unhappy and unfulfilled relationship is like an open wound which is hurtful and ugly. You are stuck in the relationship because you believe that one day everything is going to get better, but what if it is not.

If something or someone will get better then it will start to show some signs of improvements. But when there is no hope left than its better to call it quits.

You have to weigh in options before you will finally decide that you are going to separate your ways from this relationship. But, how will you get sure about the fact that there is no room for improvements?

The following women have talked their heart out about the time they realized their relationship was over, get some courage from them:

  • Kelly-34, experienced lack of diversity and interest in the way she and her partner was communicating to one another. There is always a spark that makes you believe that you can connect on an emotional level and you two can share a lot. But when you don’t feel excited about living with each other then you should abandon your place.
  • Molly-29, wasn’t invested in the relationship and her partner was just more interested than her. There was guilt she had to relive everyday as he was making efforts for things to work but she was being unfair to him. So, she ended it before she could take away all the opportunities from him.
  • Dorothy-26, there was no physical attraction left in our relationship and towards each other. Earlier, when it started there was not a single hour we weren’t intimate together but the feelings weren’t there anymore when we left each other.
  • Cathy-29, your relationship makes you content but I had this lonely feeling all along it. I thought if I had to look outside for company then there’s nothing left in the relationship.
  • Nikie-28, I was constantly feeling annoyed when he came close to me and it was something that made me understood that I should quit and move on. I wasn’t feeling affection and attraction towards him so I had to tell him that we should separate.
  • Catherine-23, he didn’t care for the values I keep dear to me and that was the incompatible factor in our relationship.
  • Amanda-31, my thing was genuine romance and sincere future but his wasn’t clear. When I wasn’t seeing any future with him then it was definite to move on and find someone who will share long future with me and I did.
  • Isabelle-39, he was least concerned with my passions and so I had to made the point clear to him that we don’t connect now and we will not in the future, so it’s better to part ways.

Chevy-42, there was always a burden and unwanted pressure attached to the relationship. It wasn’t at all pleasurable rather it felt like a job to be done with. Relationships make you mature and grow but when one is not fulfilling then it’s better to call things off.

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