9 Thoughts Of The Women Who Love A Married Man

Out of the many reasons for a relationship to end, the infamous is infidelity and cheating. It’s the breach of commitment to stay loyal to one another, unfaithfulness is a shameful act and the most popular to become the cause of death for relationships. Regardless of this unacceptable and detrimental aspect of a relationship, people believe that love is controlled by no boundaries and perhaps, this notion gives the person the courage to dare and fall for someone, even who is married.

No matter, how much digital this age is or to what extent our ways of living have been modernized, dishonesty is the one factor which is disgraced in both modern and illiterate societies. We are downright clear that once a betrayal is done then there is no way back to a normalized state of a relationship. These are the general views of people, but the thoughts of those women who love a married man are quite different. They believe that they should be given a chance to say for their act before their character should be scrutinized.

1. A relationship with a married man is emotionally draining for your own self because there are emotions and feelings attached of so many people around and it is all overwhelming. However, the peace I was looking for in my life came with his arrival. Samara, 40

2. The feeling of love is overpowering and unstoppable, you don’t want to be known as a homewrecker but before you know it, your feelings developed into something serious. Cathy, 38

3. The worst feeling is when you become scared of what the kids think about your relationship with their father. You are the home breaker of their parents and this haunts you day and night. You understand the relationship between father and a child and that’s why you have never asked him to leave his kids. Kylie, 30

4. He wasn’t at peace until he met me and we start dating seriously. According to him, his wife was giving him tough time and this made me feel bad about him and eventually, I fell for him. Alia, 33

5. It was as shocking for me as for his wife when we confront each other for the same man we love all this time. Had I known that he was married, I would have controlled my feelings in the first place. By the time everything has started to make meaning, it was too late. Diana, 26

6. His charm is addictive. At the time, he came into my life, I was shattered and he picked me up with his attention and then everything just went like it was the best for our life. Atom, 24

7. Sometimes, all you want is to go at war against the whole world, and he helped me doing that. The thrill of the challenge kept me going close to him and it didn’t feel wrong to drive into his arms. Susan, 32

8. He was miserable because his wife was being terrible on him. It was all looked well anyway because his wife has made his life worst and there was no guilt left behind in the whole situation. Moly, 25

9. Our relationship didn’t start serious until he left his wife. It was the condition to make the bond with him. I waited and was patient for him to leave his wife and then start a life together. Chritina, 30

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