9 Things About Strong Women That Men Can’t Tolerate

In this fast-moving world women are now getting recognized. They are more capable than many men here. And this is what most men fear. They can’t accept or tolerate a woman as their competition. At the point when women convey themselves with a quality of insight, profundity, and class, it can threaten for men who aren’t so certain of their very own capacities. Though many men have changed their thinking and they are proud of their woman, but still there are some men with a traditional mindset who feel threatened by an independent woman.

Have a look on these 9 things about strong woman, which men can’t tolerate.

1. A strong woman is extremely honest

She is not afraid to say anything. She is educated, and her opinions are thoughtful. She can be somewhat ruthless with her honesty now and then and a few men won’t have the capacity to endure that sort of forthrightness.

2. A strong woman isn’t easy to fool.

A strong woman is smart and clever. She knows what game a man is trying to play. She is well aware of every intention of a man. Men who tend to put down women with their untruths and double dealing will get themselves unfit to exploit strong women.

3. A strong woman gets involved only in serious relationships.

If a strong woman gets into a relationship, it must be the sort of relationship that has a genuine shot of what’s to come. She has no time for random hookups. She is looking for a man who is ready for serious and lifetime commitment.

4. A strong woman is not going to date any man.

She is incredibly selective about who she dates. She is intelligent and smart, she’ll date someone who matches her compatibility and sense of humor. She is not dating a man in anyway, who has no career plans or future goals.

5. A strong woman may be too intense for weak men.

Everything about strong woman is more intense. Her opinions, thoughts, everything, is deeper and well structured. Which may turn off most men. She can be seen as over smart or over intelligent which can keep men away from her.

6. A strong woman doesn’t shy away from intimacy.

A strong lady is somebody who is extremely in contact with her sentiments and feelings. If a man is awkward with intense expressions of closeness, at that point he wouldn’t have any desire to date a strong lady.

7. A strong woman is very passionate.

A strong lady is exceptionally enthusiastic about everything that she does. She generally puts her every effort into things which are important to her. She has no interest in taking part in things that offer no an incentive to anybody’s life. A few men observe this level of enthusiasm to be off-putting.

8. A strong woman has a low level of tolerance.

A strong woman will not wait or waste her time on a man who is not mature enough. She is not ready to adjust or tolerate any man who is not according to her standards.

9. A strong woman asks very difficult questions.

A strong woman often asks very difficult questions which most men find hard to answer. And if a weak man is faced which such questions then it’s very embarrassing.