9 Things Men Wish That Their Girl Do Without Saying

Not knowing what you guy is thinking about is not your fault and you are not a mind-reader to guess that doing certain thing will make him happy. If you think he doesn’t express much about what he may wish that their girl do without saying try doing the following things, maybe he secretly expects you to do certain things but is too shy to express it.

Chances for growth and development are always present in any relationship. Though, compromise here and there will save your relationship from damage but it should not become your weakness. Mutual understanding is important to fulfill expectations of each other. If your partner is forcing you to change your habits and behavior for the sake of his own reputation then it is entirely unjust and unfair to your mental peace. However, if he loves you then he will support you to strengthen yourself for your own good and to bring the best out of your personality.

People assume change wrong when they expect that the key to making their love last is to change everything of your partner without her will. Your relationship will grow and mature when you both are ready to work together and adapt to a particular situation that will benefit you two as individuals and as a couple.

Sometimes, both partners or any one of them don’t communicate through things that they wish their other half will do and they are ashamed to bring it up. Men secretly wish that their girl do without saying but they don’t share it openly as they are afraid that you might think them being ungrateful. They fear your reaction and in that instance they remain silent.

1. Less phubbing

Selfies and social platforms take your attention away from your partner. So, next time give less time to your mobile and more to him when you are together.

2. Plan a random adventure trip

He may not have planned any adventure trip considering you might be uncomfortable going out in the wild with him. But he may want you to plan it to strengthen your bond.

3. Just be yourself

Try to stay in your natural self as much as you can when you are with him at home. You do want to feel attractive in front of him but you can also do that with no makeup.

4. Take decisions

You may not want him to get annoyed with dominance but he does want you to come up with your opinion and be decisive about certain issues. He may also expect you to take control of the steering wheel as he is not an expert of every situation.

5. Bring humor now and then

Don’t think he will irritate from your jests, no one ever says no to a girl who knows ways to make moments light and breathable.

6. Be in your comfortable state

Flaunt your stilettos and platforms when you have to attend professional meetings or social gathering but when you are at home with him then try to be in your comfortable state. Pick comfortable clothing and shoes, no hassle of prim and proper, he wouldn’t mind it.

7. Show your passion

Life without passion is boring and undesirable. He may wish you to be passionate about something outside of the relationship, a drive that gives you thrill and joy besides romance.

8. He will not mind a good snuggle

Men are children at heart they will not admit but they like a good snuggle every now and then.

9. Avoid unnecessary drama

Stay away from unnecessary drama and gossiping in front of him. It shows you lack intellect and wisdom.

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