9 Things Tell Your Man Is In Love With You But Don’t Say

Life seems less important and not valued if your man is not open about his feelings. Expression of love if not reciprocates from the other side may start to tingle your nerves when your man stays quiet for the most part. Sometimes, men don’t say what they feel probably due to this stigma that they may be seen weak if they share their feelings. Naturally, a large percentage of men are not expressive and hide their emotions from the outer world. It becomes a habit and continues with them throughout life. But that doesn’t mean they don’t fall in love. They would and they find out ways expressing their love for the special woman.

In relationships, women play the strong part to be more communicative and emotionally responsible. It is also a natural instinct of women that they are compassionate and more expressive in terms of showing their love. Unfortunately, the same can’t expect from men. Regardless of their lack of emotions, there are things he does that tell your man is in love with you but don’t say out loud.

If you experience the same situation in your life then start observing your man’s body language and overall demeanor. He may not say in words but his mannerisms and postures are giving you many signals to know that he is madly in love with you.

We have tried to discuss as many as possible the behaviors of men showing their love:

1. He smiles whenever he sees you or he’s around you.

The mere sight of you makes him happy and he has smile on his face whenever he is spending time with you. His feelings for you are legit and he loves you very much.

2. He never demands you to change.

Though, you have insecurities that you struggle a lot with and he understands those and makes you comfortable in accepting your imperfections. His actions never make you uncomfortable when he knows that you’re an imperfect human being.

3. He is not ashamed of being silly around you.

You can see him acting silly around you and he can only do this with you. This is a big sign that he is all comfortable with you and this allows him to let his true colors come out. He is not even afraid of being vulnerable because he trusts you completely.

4. He doesn’t say it much but he makes effort to stay emotionally connected.

He makes it obvious from his concerned text messages that he cares about you. Even though, he doesn’t say it much but he makes all the effort to stay connected with you at all times.

5. He makes up his promises.

He strongly believes that a person who doesn’t keep promises can never earn trust of the other person. He values your trust and tries to earn it by fulfilling his promises. He can’t take your disappointment.

6. He is the best person when he is with you.

A person on top of his behavior is an indication that how much he gives importance to you. He never wants you to feel bad therefore he is on his best behavior when he is with you.

7. He takes you everywhere with him.

Occasion or no occasion, he asks you to go with him out and meet people that are close to him. There is not a single time, he felt uncomfortable introducing you to the world. Your man is in love with you and this is how he shows his love.

8. He doesn’t hesitate going an extra mile on your wish.

Your happiness is most important to him and to make you happy is his top priority.

9. He is serious about you and he imagines his future with you.

He is ready to make a big commitment because he sees his future with you. A guy talks about his future is in love with you.

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