Most couples take their time to commit to a relationship. They prevent from getting hurt in the end and therefore give each other time to think about falling in love and being serious about getting married. Surprisingly, a few couples jump to a conclusion and declare their love instantly. They believe it to be their instinct that the person they just met is the man of their dreams. The sudden change in life is going to churn some feelings inside and what could those be, we’ll get to know:

1. You start to feel this way in short-time, let’s embrace it

This is all new for you yet you feel that every piece is falling into the right place. The uncertainty of the moment might have disturbed you before but now it doesn’t seem to intimidate you at all. Though, it has all happened in a short-time but you are ready to embrace it.

2. You are not insecure about the sudden event or the man of your dreams

Yes, this zone is completely unfamiliar but none of it feels forced or fake. There is something inside of yours that reassures you are falling for a real thing.

3. Your love for him is growing more every day

There is this common notion about instant attraction is that it comes to a decline as you declare it love quickly. But you are not at all feeling in this way despite, you are more certain about your decision and the love for this man is growing deeper every passing day.

4. You aren’t afraid of disagreements with him

A lot of couples, at the beginning of their relationship, avoid getting into disagreements which in your case is opposite. You are not afraid of fights or conflicts as you realize that he has enough maturity to handle issues with logic and reason rather than egoistic emotions.

5. Your relationship breathes in the air of gratitude, appreciation and love

As a matter of fact, you two have fallen in love instantly which put your relationship into a sensitive zone. However, you feel that there is no shortage of gratitude between both of you and you partner wants to savor every moment of your relationship together.

6. You both are comfortable in each other’s skin

There may be a few quirks that can annoy people around you but the little kinks in your armor don’t bother you two. The flaws you find in him and the ones you have would not bother your relationship. You are comfortable in your own skins.

7. You both have same goals for your relationship

Opposite attracts but in your case the similarities of goals and ideas for your relationship are bringing you closer. Who would have imagined that the direction in which you want to take you relationship will get a support from him? You are experiencing this new sensation of love and harmony of thoughts and it makes you feel elated.

8. You are able to express your emotions easily

In his company, you never feel difficulty in expressing your views. He makes the environment so light that you are both willing to talk to each other about anything under the sun.

9. You will not compromise any threat to your relationship

You are feeling so protective now that you are not willing to compromise on any threat that may harm the sanctity of your bond.