9 Signs You’ve Found Mr. Right, Marry Him

Your boyfriend claims that he loves you more than anything in the world. Do you believe he is saying truth or you need more time before you decide to marry him?

1. He’s actually “there” to stay forever.

Your boyfriend says that he’s a call away when you need him, but, is he actually there? Happiest moments are the easy ones to be present with your loved ones but the toughest events call for your patience, resilience, and wanting to stay with you forever. Both emotional and physical presence is required to make your partner felt that they are important and have worth in your life.

2. He is all ears and interested to hear you.

Ladies always have infinite trail of stories and unending conversations to share with someone who is really special in their life. They just want their time and attention to listen to them and understand what they believe in and care about in life.

Does your guy listen to you at all times?

3. You are more emotionally dependent on him.

Your boyfriend is always ready to lend his shoulder to cry on, even if you want to, the entire day and night. He shares your sadness when you’re down in the dumps without making a single complaint on your behavior. He gives you time and support to put together yourself and be ready for the other challenges of life.

Has he proven your emotional support?

If it’s a yes then he’s your Mr. Right, marry him.

4. Your love needs no makeup to mask your flaws.

Early days of dating life are the ones when both you and your boyfriend try to bring the best out of the personality. With time, when you get comfortable in each other’s company then you find it less important to always wear makeup without being afraid of how you look.

Has your boyfriend pointed your flaws?

5. You are friends first.

Best friends don’t hide anything from each other. In best or worst days, they don’t run away from you rather are the first ones to support your back. Your chemistry is the most amazing one and you know you can hang out with him anytime of the day or night.

6. You two share every important or trivial detail with each other.

He is the one who comes in your mind first when you feel sharing some exciting news about your life. There is a spiritual connection between you two which makes you feel satisfied with him in a relationship.

7. Did he ask you to change?

When he demands things of your personality to be changed because he doesn’t approve of then he is not your man who will feel satisfied with you forever. He asks for changes is an indication that he would want to transform you as per his convenience and is not happy with who you are.

You should marry someone who would not demand time and again to live life on his conditions. Love is unconditional!

8. You two fight, but love too.

An ideal couple is not the one who doesn’t argue or fight but an ideal couple is the one who love one another even after many conflicts and never for once stop loving each other. It is important that you are ready to hear the perspective of your partner and propose your own opinion on it. There will be conflict but it doesn’t decrease or end your love for him.

9. You share same level of intimacy and comfort with him.

Romance is a definite vital aspect of an intimate relationship. For you, romance means laughing, cuddling, and sharing smiles with your partner and you feel that he has the same comfort level with you.

Do you tick all the points? If it’s a yes then he’s a keeper and will last for the lifetime with you.

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